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School and Track

October 25, 2009 - Tessa Makepeace
It has been a while since I have written in this. So much has happened and I have been busy the entire time. School is pretty much normal and I am completely used to it. I know where everything is now and I can already tell it’s easier to understand the teachers than it was at the beginning. I have met a lot of people too. I have been here for two months now and the time has flown by!

Every couple of months in each class, we take a larger test called a Klausur. We took one in German yesterday where we had to analyze a scene from a play that we had read and discussed. It was an over two hour test. Ridiculous.

I don’t know if I have written yet that I am in a track club in Magdeburg. I go about twice a week with my friend Hanna from school. There we practice different events every day so far including long jump, high jump, sprint, shotput, hurdles and high jump. Then on Tuesdays I have school sport, or what could be called gym class, in the ninth and tenth class periods. We had the choice of either gymnastics or track and I chose to do track for this half year. The gymnastics class is on Monday and track is on Tuesday. The boys are in a separate class from the girls but they have their classes on the same days. Normally in track we do some warm up game and then we do something for a grade. So far we have done starts, a 2000 meter timed run and a 12 minute run where we saw how far we could run in twelve minutes.

This week on Thursday I had a track meet organized by one of the schools in Magdeburg at the track where we practice. Each school had a team of six people and every person had to participate in the five events that were there. The five events were long jump, high jump, 100 meter, 1000 meter run and shotput. I did shotput for only the third time in my life but I actually did well. My team ended up winning and I got first place all-around out of thirty girls! I got a certficate and a traveling trophy that stays at my school until someone else wins next year. It was really a lot of fun. I also met a girl there who was a foreign exchange student in Wisconsin last year! She just came back last May or June. She recognized that I was American and came up and talked to me in English. She did the same sports last year as I did in high school…cross country, basketball and track. It was really cool to meet her and she was excited to meet someone from near where she was. After the meet, our team went to a coffee shop and hung out for a while. Then, Thursday night I saw the movie My Sister’s Keeper in the theater in German and met some of her friends who had all graduated this past May or June.

Saturday, which was yesterday, I was in Hamburg with my exchange program. We all met in Hannover yesterday at nine a.m. and then took a train together to Hamburg. First of all I took a train from Magdeburg to Hannover, which was about an hour and twenty minutes and then the train all together from Hannover to Hamburg took about two hours. So, I spent a lot of time on the train yesterday but it was worth it. I took a lot of pictures while we were there and got to see a lot. When we got to Hamburg, we did a tour of the city led by one of the people in Rotex, the group of people who have been exchange students already, who is from Germany. She did it in English actually though because not everyone can speak German in our group and most people speak at least some English. I got to know a lot of the exchange students better and we talked about meeting up some other day to hang out.


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