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From the Farm: Calves are best when they are brown

March 21, 2014 ( I'm taking a week off. Enjoy this column from February 2008.) It’s been a long time since all four of us have been happier than a pig in, well … you know what. more »»

From the Farm: Running my own experiments

March 14, 2014 I started doing experiments here on the farm. It doesn’t involve leaving a pile of dishes on the counter to see how long it takes for someone to assist the person who put the goods on the table. more »»

From the Farm: Safety equipment definitely needed

February 28, 2014 Working in the milking parlor everyday can be a bit of a hazard. Standing at a lower level than the cows allows for all kinds of nasties to be splattered your way. more »»

From the Farm: Spring-cleaning, dairy-farm-style

February 21, 2014 I have spent more time outside helping with the cleaning out of our compost barn than I have ever spent doing that silly activity referred to as spring cleaning. more »»

From the Farm: Joey's Back!

February 14, 2014 No, not the Joey that lives in Brookings, SD, is learning all about being a great dairy-farm manager and drives a grey Pontiac Grand Prix. more »»

From the farm: Can’t things fix themselves

February 7, 2014 I know when items such as gaskets, my oven and my car are worn out or broken. Gaskets leak where two pipes meet in the milking parlor. more »»

From the Farm: Everything comes in threes

January 24, 2014 They say things happen in threes. I say they happen in multiples of three. The Three Wise Men. The Three Musketeers. Triplets. The six calves born on Sunday. more »»

Reincarnate me as a cow

January 17, 2014 After a long visit with my doctor and chatting with Steve during chores the following morning, I have come to one conclusion. more »»

From the Farm: Goog the Cat needs a new work ethic

January 10, 2014 I wish our cat Goog had the same work ethic as my husband. It’s 20-degrees-below zero and my hubby is outside working on a plumbing system in the utility room, which is attached to the milking parlor. more »»

From the Farm: Winter brings extra chores

January 3, 2014 So I was reading a joke the other day about the day the Creator decided to bless the world with a magnificent land called Minnesota (with emphasis placed on the “o” sound). more »»

From the Farm: Days do sneak up on us

December 27, 2013 It’s funny how a day can sneak up on you. I don’t know how my internal calendar gets so out of whack. more »»

From the Farm: The Internet is not always true

December 20, 2013 I’m grumpy today. Not as grumpy as I was yesterday, but still a bit grump. more »»

From the Farm: We've come a long way

December 13, 2013 Steve and I were chatting about a lot of things the other day. We talked about how we are going to stand firm that Joe needs to find an off-farm job for a time, before he comes home to milk cows. more »»

From the Farm: Snow day means more work

December 6, 2013 I am beginning to think Steve and the Mother Nature are in diabolical cahoots. Every time Steve leaves the farm, Mother Nature has to give the rest of us a survival test. more »»

From the Farm: I just can't get away with anything these days

November 29, 2013 I just can’t get away with anything lately. I am not kidding. Just the other day I was caught red handed, when I assumed I thought I could be a bit sneaky. Here's how it all went down. more »»

From the Farm: Sometimes it's hard to feel the love

November 22, 2013 I’m not feeling the love this morning. It’s been one of those days where I wonder why in the world I milk cows five days a week. Some mornings are just like tha. more »»

Hunter Rose wins SE FFA Crop Show

November 22, 2013 SLEEPY EYE — The Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter held its annual Crops Show/Greenhand/Parents Night Program on Monday Nov. 1. more »»

From the Farm: Prepping the parlor for winter

November 15, 2013 It sneaks up on me every year. Maybe I should say, “He sneaks up on me every year.” That would be Old Man Winter. He is so rud. more »»

From the Farm: Some things get old, but this never does

November 8, 2013 Watching paint dry gets old. I know this statement to be true. I have painted my kitchen numerous times since we remodeled approximately six years ago. I have had to watch paint dry many times. more »»

From the Farm: Solenoid education over the shoulderw

November 1, 2013 Steve seems to think that if he leans over my left shoulder while I mess around on the computer, it will help me come up with a column topic. It’s not like he is going to learn anything ne. more »»



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