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The problem with credit reporting

August 30, 2013 To the editor: I hope a number of New Ulm residents had the opportunity to view CBS’ 60 Minutes show Sunday night. more »»

Beware of magazine subscription scam

August 24, 2013 To the editor: Last week I got a letter from a magazine service in Texas. First I got a telephone call telling me my Readers Digest subscription was due to run out and I could renew it for $3. more »»

Thanks for supporting Carson

August 18, 2013 To the editor: When you become a parent, your vision immediately fills with dreams and aspirations for your chil. more »»

Sidewalk repair

August 18, 2013 To the editor: Last October, I was on my walk, and tripped on a raised sidewalk joint. The difference in height was more than one-half inch. more »»

The pope and homosexuality

August 15, 2013 To the editor: This is in response to the Aug 2, ‘Changing attitudes - for some, at least’ and a commenter. more »»

Does Oprah need a $38,000 handbag?

August 15, 2013 To the editor: The Journal has been publishing articles about Oprah Winfrey’s unsuccessful attempt to purchase a $38,000 purse at a Zurich, Switzerland boutique. more »»

We need a ‘conversation’

August 14, 2013 To the editor: Our country is being Balkanized by those who seize on the Travon Martin – George Zimmermann case to further divide us into racial categories. more »»

More smokers trying to quit

August 3, 2013 To the editor: I was pleased to hear the news this week that there has been a 250 percent increase in calls to smoking cessation services! This is proof that many smokers have chosen to try to quit... more »»

The kindness of a stranger

August 3, 2013 To the editor: On Sunday, July 28, 2013, I was out at Cash Wise Store in New Ulm, having a late breakfast, visiting with some friends and then doing some shoppin. more »»

Social perception

August 1, 2013 To the editor: When you turn on the television, you are subjected to an endless barrage of advertisement. more »»

Marijuana should be legalized

July 31, 2013 To the editor: I have thought long and hard about this topic (legalized marijuana). About 40 years. more »»

Remembering Bobbi McCrea

July 30, 2013 To the editor: Do you remember Bobbi McCrea? Do you remember how she tried to make sure each and everyone of us got help when we needed it most? Remember how she volunteered for everything? Remember... more »»

NUPD and Rasmussen

July 26, 2013 To the editor: Regarding the recent Mathew Rasmussen driving incident, what else does he have to do before he is held accountable? He was driving with excessive speed in a residential zone, no... more »»

A great time at Bavarian Blast

July 24, 2013 To the editor: I’m writing to thank the organizers and participants of Bavarian Blast and the entire city of New Ulm for making a couple of out-of-towners feel like family. more »»

Expand Medicare to everyone

July 20, 2013 To the editor: Instead of cuts, we should expand Medicare to everyone in the United State. more »»

City management in police case

July 20, 2013 To the editor: The officer (Mathew Rasmussen) killed two innocent people through negligence. This was a complete cover up by law enforcement which should not surprise anybod. more »»

Quist’s attitude is what’s wrong with DC

July 16, 2013 To the editor: I read the recent letter to the editor by Allen Quist. I found his attack on Tim Walz the epitome of what is wrong in Washington. Mr. more »»

Quist’s letter a breath of fresh air

July 16, 2013 To the editor: Allen Quist’s July 13 letter (Walz embarrasses us on the farm bill) was a breath of fresh air to many of us in the greater Mankato area. more »»

We need a constitutional convention

July 14, 2013 To the editor: As one who is concerned that the federal government has forsaken its constitutional moorings, I have been searching for actions that can be taken to correct the alarming expansion of... more »»

Walz embarrasses us on the Farm Bill

July 13, 2013 To the editor: We should all be embarrassed by the behavior of Tim Walz regarding the farm bill. more »»



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