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The lesson - Don't throw rocks

March 18, 2014 To the editor: In response to an opinion piece by the Arizona Republic posted in Monday’s Journal, I would like to point out a few issues that this biased position failed to mention. more »»

Achtung: I sieze the Irish gauntlet on behalf of Germans everywhere

March 14, 2014 To the editor: You Irish have thrown down the gauntlet to the Germans of New Ulm. On behalf of Germania I fearlessly pick it up and accept.. more »»

Pitbulls are not bad dogs

March 8, 2014 To the editor: We are taught from the very beginning to not judge a book by its cover and to give everyone a fair chance, no matter what we are told or think. more »»

Ackersons don't own apartment building

March 5, 2014 To the editor: It is very sad when a fire takes a life and we read with sorrow about the fire at 101 Center Street. more »»

Transportation funding in critical need

March 5, 2014 To the editor: Do you recall what you paid per gallon the last time you filled up? As most Minnesotans have been to the gas pump lately they probably have noticed a price fluctuation each time they... more »»

Support “Son of God” at box office

March 4, 2014 To the editor: The United States was founded on Judeo/Christian ethical value principles. more »»

Lack of respect for governor

March 2, 2014 To the editor: No, it’s not about losing respect for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, you can’t lose something you’ve never had. You’ll hear about Mark Dayton in another letter. more »»

Looking for 452nd Reserve contacts

March 2, 2014 To the editor: My name is Matt Snyder. I was a filler with the Army Reserve Company 452 that served in Vietnam in 1968-69. more »»

Five years of Obama

February 26, 2014 To the editor: Oh, those pesky facts. Well done, Mr. more »»

Thanks to helpful snowmobiler

February 19, 2014 To the editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the unknown snowmobiler that helped me when I was stuck in the neighbor’s driveway northwest of Courtland on Saturday night (Feb. 15. more »»

A water park – really?

February 16, 2014 To the editor: My issue with a water park in New Ulm is the timing. more »»

The Water Park issue

February 15, 2014 To the editor: The proposed water park for New Ulm has become a contentious issue, witness the four letters in the Feb.13 issue of The Journal. more »»

Fed up with all the "change"

February 14, 2014 To the editor: “If you like your insurance policy you can keep your insurance policy.” Oh how I wish it were tru. more »»

The high cost of state dinners

February 14, 2014 To the editor: This morning I heard something that maybe grates on Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. Each presidential State Dinner costs between $250,000 and $500,000. more »»

Please use fair trade chocolate

February 14, 2014 To the editor: It has come to the attention of the student body at New Ulm High School that the chocolate that is sold around the world is made through the use of child labor. more »»

Water Park indeed

February 13, 2014 To the editor: In response to Mr. Warta: Some of my fondest memories as a kid growing up in New Ulm were of days filled swimming at the outdoor poo. more »»

A poor sense of direction

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Although I could probably fill this page refuting Mr. Warta’s negative statements about New Ulm I’ll do my best to keep this short. On Wednesday, Feb. more »»

Who needs water park and the business it brings?

February 13, 2014 To the editor: Denny Warta is exactly right. Why should New Ulm have an outdoor water park? We used to have two outdoor swimming pools in German park. more »»

How dare we want more?

February 13, 2014 To the editor: While reading the letter to the editor, in the 2-12-14 Journal there was a short letter sent in by a former New Ulm business owner and city councilor, Denny Warta. more »»

Water park? Is it really needed?

February 12, 2014 To the editor: The front page story in Tuesday’s Journal, has a headline about the perceived need for a water park in New Ulm. more »»



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