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Cauliflower Soup

December 20, 2011 I am sitting in the passenger seat of our car while we drive up to the Rocky Mountains on our way to Minnesota. We can’t wait to spend Christmas up there. more »»

Penne with Sausage and Swiss Chard

December 13, 2011 Would my kids despise me if I wrote a book titled, Raising Morons? Probably. My mom helped me with that title. She knows because I was once her moron teenager. more »»

Fish Provencale combats winter blahs

December 6, 2011 Has it happened yet? Is anyone out there getting the winter blues? I know it’s early in the game, but I thought I would mention it before it’s too late. Of course, I don’t mean you. more »»

Roasted Root Vegetable Cassoulet

November 29, 2011 I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my family in California. I don’t know how my mom keeps out doing herself every year. This year, she cooked everything without my help for twenty-five people. more »»

Stuffed Mushrooms

November 22, 2011 My mom put me in charge of appetizers for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Usually, I get there and start cooking with my mom a day or two before the big day. more »»

Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes

November 15, 2011 “Be good and you will be lonesome.” –Mark Twain I stole this quote from my friend, Michael Nolan’s Facebook status the other day. It really applies to my life right now. more »»

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

November 8, 2011 Lately, it seems like our kids want to spend more and more time away from my husband and me. Gone are the days when Jack calls me up at 10 p.m. asking if I could pick him up from the sleep over. more »»

Fall Super Green Chili

November 1, 2011 This has turned out to be a fantastic fall so far, mostly because I have been able to spend some of it with my stepdaughter, Ella. more »»

Sneaky vegetable lasagna

October 25, 2011 Wednesday, my kids stayed home from school sick. They both convinced me in the morning that their stomachs hurt. By noon, they were up, playing on the computers, and looking healthy. more »»

Orecchiette with White Bean and Artichoke Alfredo

October 18, 2011 I don’t know how many times I will have to learn this lesson before I get it through my thick skull: I cannot predict the future. more »»

Grilled Vegetable Burritos, Enchilada Style

October 11, 2011 I am not sure what is happening to my brain lately. I keep getting common phrases wrong. Just today, I was talking on the phone with my mom and I said, “I always want the kids to go for the sta. more »»

‘Claud’s Favorite Breakfast’

October 4, 2011 It’s that time again. Yes, the Hatch New Mexico green chili is out in the markets. I need to back up a little here...the other day, I found my new favorite grocery stor. more »»

Roasted Tomato and Pepper Soup with Polenta Croutons and Basil

September 27, 2011 Balance is what I desire to achieve. Doesn’t everyone strive to be fun and smart, desirable and monogamous, friendly and authoritative? Maybe not everyone looks for this. I know I do. more »»


September 20, 2011 We spent the morning at the local farmers market. It was an absolutely beautiful day, bright and sunny with a subtle chill in the air. Ahhh, fall weather. more »»

Cous Cous Salad

September 13, 2011 A series of events have brought me to the conclusion that my diet is in need of altering. Once again, I am amazed at how much I have to learn. It’s absolutely incredible how little I know. more »»

Herb and macadamia crusted halibut a festive end to summer season

September 6, 2011 The summer is winding down to an end. Can this be? Already? Well, summer doesn’t officially end until Sept. 23. For me, however, summer ends once the kids are back in school. more »»

Faux Quiche

August 30, 2011 I feel a little bit guilty that I am cheating with this recipe by creating a false crust for quiche. I like making food by using the traditional methods, no matter how long this may take. more »»

Cantaloupe Supreme

August 23, 2011 I am doing it! Yes, I have decided to eat all of my servings of fruits and vegetables this week to see if it is possible to live this way. more »»

Cheese and herb biscuit ring

August 16, 2011 I picked up this book the other day called, The Dinner Diaries: Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World, by Betsy Block (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2008). more »»

Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes

August 9, 2011 A couple of days ago, a friend of mine was over for dinner, and he asked if I could teach his daughter how to make manicotti. more »»



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