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Save St. Mary’s Convent

January 20, 2013

To the editor: I have often heard the saying “You cannot know where you are going in life unless you know where you have been!” This statement resounds ever true in the current battle to keep St....

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Jan-27-13 4:16 PM

GrandmaD - I wasn't talking about your comment - it was another that was removed I guess because it is no longer on here. I just don't like the back and forth in negative form, especially when it's dealing with a church. There are adult ways with dealing with things and people often have problems doing so.

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Jan-27-13 2:52 PM

I have been on committees, & I guess I don't consider asking questions hatred talk. The only reason I brought up about the unhealthy conditions of the building was because you said those conditions were festering for years.

There were kids taught there (Public & St. Mary's) for a number of years, even though several are denying it. I find that disturbing & don't understand why.

I, also, find it disturbing that it was okay for students, as well as teachers, to be in there, but it is not okay now. I am not spewing hatred here. I just brought up a concern which evidently cannot be honestly addressed.

The new project, as well as the historic building are both good. As you stated, the decision has been made, & I wish you well.

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Jan-27-13 8:51 AM

Can we please stop all this hatred talk? If you have ever been on a church or school committee, you know first hand the amount of harrassment/questions/disagreements that a group faces when trying to figure in the best interest of everyone that you are standing in for. However, these committees have always welcomed gestions which have been well thought over. I know some of the people in these committees. They are hard working individuals who are fair and are not allowed to think only of themselves and their own thoughts and feelings. A decision has been made. We must now accept it for what it is. I know there are many people who are sad to see this building go but you have the memories, you have the stories and the pictures. We do not preserve loved ones after they pass, we talk about their memories and remember them. We have a wonderful addition to our church that will be put up - it is time to look into the futures of our church and school and make new memories.

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Jan-26-13 5:41 PM

What has St Mary's parish spent on the convent in the last 5 years on utilities and repairs?

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Jan-26-13 5:35 PM

The group was never given an opportunity to restore the St.Mary's Convent! The group had one choice,raise $510,000 to make parish offices in the convent!

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Jan-26-13 2:17 PM

I sincerely believe that if this convent issue was put to a (secret ballot)vote; it would be 80% tear-it-down & 20% keep it. The keep it-at-all costs group is the minority but is much more vocal in attempting to promote their agenda than the tear-it-down group is.The tear-it-down group is relatively quiet on this issue and the keep-it-at-all costs group has assumed that their "silence is agreement"---even though that it is not the case. As far as ANY church in ANY town regarding ANY issue there will ALWAYS be people who see it from both sides. Our church is no different from anywhere else!

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Jan-25-13 6:38 PM

When innocent kids are knowingly exposed to the infection, it is, indeed, a gaping wound.

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Jan-25-13 5:52 PM

A 25 year lease merely applies a band-aid to a gaping wound...

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Jan-24-13 11:57 AM

I pulled up the article about the future of the convent in the online Sleepy Eye Herald. Mr. Spaeth, also, had some interesting input in regards to saving or demolishing the building.

And thank you, dckotten5, for clarifying when Religious Education (CCD) classes were moved back to the school. And God bless you for teaching.

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Jan-24-13 10:11 AM

The convent hasn't been used for CCD for the past 6 years. I have been a teacher this long and the 1st year I taught was the 1st year the kids were moved over to school.

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Jan-24-13 10:06 AM

This has been going on since Msr. Richter was here and a group of peole and Father Richter decided in the late 90's that the convent must come down.

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Jan-24-13 9:45 AM

Okay, I'll sit in the back.

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Jan-24-13 1:22 AM

I call shotgun - without the shotgun, of course.

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Jan-23-13 10:00 PM

And, I have often heard the saying, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."

So, fire up the old buggy and hit the gas!

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Jan-23-13 2:34 PM

careaboutsnivelrights - I'm past 60, so I know I went to a school with asbestos & mold. Hopefully kids aren't dealing with that now. This was not originally a school but the convent, actually used as a place to teach Religious education in the late 90s into the 2000s according to, yet, another teacher.

The point I was trying to make is that if these problems have been around for years, then they should have been addressed before exposing kids (Public & St. Mary's) to them.

So, should they save a part of Sleepy Eye history, allowing the group of parishioners & citizens to bear the cost of its upkeep? Or... should they demolish a rotting asbestos & mold filled building to build the new addition & parking lot? St. Mary's, no doubt, would benefit most with the needed addition & parking lot.

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Jan-23-13 2:25 PM

The small group of people who have made the 25 year proposal missed two deadlines. They were given plenty of time, even an exception to a deadline. People need to realize that there is a finite amount of wealth in a community like Sleepy Eye and that we need to think forwards. The Church is in desperate need of a large, user-friendly elevator and a covered entry on the side of the Church where most people park. The parishioners of St. Mary's have already voted with their donations, several times over. The convent has nobly served its purpose. It is time to move forward in a unified manner. Take the money the 25 year group would have sunk into the convent and use it on the new addition and elevator - which will serve us for a lot longer than 25 years - or put it into the Berg Hotel. Thank you to all the people who served on the committees who did the background research on the convent. Now its time to let them implement the plan the parish actually does support.

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Jan-23-13 1:31 PM

oh get over it we all went to schools (the Junior High) that had mold and asbestos deal with it

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Jan-22-13 10:59 PM

Yes, the convent was used for religious education classes. Not sure exactly what years, but I know it was at some point in the 90's. Probably around the same time it was used for choir for JH/HS students at st. 36 years is completely incorrect. It was used more recently

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Jan-22-13 5:41 PM

Guess the facts got muddied on both sides of this issue. I just talked to a teacher who taught at the convent. The person doesn't want numbers (when/how many years) stated because the person doesn't want to be involved, but it wasn't all that long ago.

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Jan-22-13 5:39 AM

Over the last 36 years I think I can honestly say that Religious Ed was held in the school. I couldn't tell you the last time it was held in the convent...

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Jan-21-13 11:22 PM

Was this not the building used for teaching Religious Education to the Public School students for several years? They were exposed to the rot, the asbestos, the leaking water, & whatever is behind the walls??? Was it brought to the attention of the people to fix it up before exposing all those kids to such unhealthy conditions? Was anyone concerned about the conditions & the safety of those kids while it was being used to teach them?

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Jan-21-13 3:46 PM

The very logical point here is this building has been left rotting for years. The amount of money that had to be met for the deal was not. There could have been a leased signed on it but how much damage would continue until the interior could be fixed? Windows need replacing, asbestos needs to be removed, there is water leaking all over so what is behind the walls? Again...where was the concern years ago when the building was empty and could have been fixed up and used? Use an open mind. An addition is much more needed for our parish than restoring a building just because it's old. I wonder what NU went through before demolishing the old St. Mary's grade school?

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Jan-21-13 11:40 AM

I agree with proudmom. I'm an active member of St. Mary's, and we were basically given a chance to put up the money or it would be demolished. The committee has been very diligent in looking over all the possibilities. I give them alot of credit for that. And Mrs Beech, I would believe that you, with your working on the Berg Hotel restoration, should know that sometimes the facts get a little muddied when someone starts reciting facts from meetings they haven't attended.

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Jan-20-13 9:36 PM

"Proudmom" you say that Msgr "gave a talk about it in church, allowing people to step in and help pay for (the convent)." You clearly missed the section in this letter that stated "this group has offered to sign a contract with the parish whereby they would lease the St. Mary's Convent for the next 25 years. The group who made this offer also agreed to pay the utilities, all maintenance costs, will put a new roof on the building, and will tuck point the brick and mortar where necessary."

Msgr obviously denied this offer, and is going to (unnecessarily) spend the parish's money to demolish the convent. So, it would NOT cost the church more money to upkeep it, rather it will cost more to demolish...

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Jan-20-13 4:31 PM

Please get your information correct before posting a letter to the editor regarding a church that I proudly belong to. Yes there were a group of people that wanted to save the convent. They had gotten an estimate of how much that restoration was to cost. Monsignor very willingly gave them numerous opportunities to get enough donations to do the restoration. He even gave a talk about it in church, allowing people to step in and help pay for. We have many many benefactors that give very generously to our church and school. If the benefactors of our parish found the convent to be that important, they would have gave for it. Because the deadline was met and there was not enough interest or money to restore it, the decision is made. If it was that important to this group of people, where were they many years ago when the building started failing and needed to be upgraded? It would cost the church way more money to upkeep it as it is than to demolish it. Move forward into the future.

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