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Sequester blame game

February 25, 2013

Politicians and government officials from both parties were busily attacking each other on Sunday, hitting the talk shows to blame the other side for the sequester cuts that are coming nearer and......

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Mar-03-13 1:47 PM

JReader is just another Republican hack who is losing credibility fast, what little she had.

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Mar-03-13 12:32 PM

I don't know, JReader. I was never for the tax holiday. How can you just make up lies and suddenly act like the republicans were somehow against it? Both parties were trying to conger up votes by saying they were lowering taxes. Both parties were stupid for supporting it. And it was YOU who accused President Obama of raising taxes, the taxes that BOTH parties made TEMPORARY.

I will have to disagree with who is the kingpin of what is wrong in Washington. I feel it is a toss up between John Boehner and Grover Norquist. If the democrats during Bush's 2nd term were half as impossible to deal with as the Republicans in congress are today, we wouldn't be in debt as far as we are today. President bush was constantly begging congress for more money to support the Republicans' war. They used the threat of our soldiers' lives being in danger if we didn't send more money overseas to support the endless war. Remember that?

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Mar-02-13 2:09 PM

JR: Please. I don't bash. I elucidate.

I will do my best to help you through your difficulty in trying to understand the brilliance of the Obama presidency during the coming four years.

Think of me a caring guide you can fully trust.

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Mar-02-13 11:49 AM


Show me where the tax holiday provided the economic stimlus promised.

It's funny because the left railed against Bush when he sent out his novel rebate checks in an effort to stimulate the economy. The effects of both of these types of stimulus programs are marginal at best. Their greatest attribute is one of a placebo effect.

In both cases they were doling out money they didn't have to give.

And Sven, I promise not to be cranky for the next four years. For starters, life is just too short. Secondly, I don't let any president be they (a red or a blue) dictate who I am or how I'm going to operate.

My biggest beef is with Washington in general. They all seem to have taken the "live for now" attitude and don't seem to care where we are heading. I have three kids and I worry about the mess they are going to face due to the prevailing attitudes in Washington.

So keep bashing away Sven but to me Obama is the king pin of all that is wrong in DC today.

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Mar-02-13 12:06 AM

Speaking of Ol' Bill...

Here's a little tidbit of follow-up information from The Great Lewinski Affair and the subsequent impeachment of President Clinton.

The lead prosecutor from the Justice Department was a beady-eyed lawyer named Kenneth "Ken" Starr who, with great delight, spent several years digging into every salacious detail of Le Affair Lewinski, and making sure it was broadcast to the entire world, with special emphasis on the six amateurish b.j.'s given by the lovely intern.

Where is "Ken" today?

He's the president of hard right leaning Baylor University, which promotes itself as "The Leading University in the Christian World."

Does anyone find this ironic?

Possibly hypocritical?

Maybe even pathetic?

Feel free to let loose with your sage comments.

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Mar-01-13 7:18 PM

Thank you for your caring words, JR.

I AM in my happy place. Barack Obama is President and Mitt Romney is not. Sadly, you will be in your unhappy place...for four wonderful long years.

I look forward to many more cranky posts by you. Every one validates the wisdom of 61 million voters.

Keep up the good work.

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Mar-01-13 6:28 PM

So which is it, JReader. First you call the end of the Social Security tax holiday a tax increase and blame it all on our president, then you advocate for more funding.

I would also like to see where you praised our president for the tax holiday, since you sure like to blame its expiration on him alone. I'm beginning to think that you like to blame everything on him, even with our do nothing congress and its lackluster pig-headed leader.

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Mar-01-13 4:33 PM

Actually I've never once said SS should be eliminated. I actually think the income cap should be raised on it and there should be some form of a means test.

You can dream up whatever you like, though.


Just go back on your meds - you are much more fun to deal with when you are in your "happy" place.

I'll leave you with this to ponder. If Obama were more like Bill Clinton we wouldn't be in this sequester mess we now find ourselves in.

'Ol Bill knew how to cross the aisle when he had to and get something doneb politically. He just never learned how to keep his pants zipped up.

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Feb-28-13 10:50 PM

GopherState, do you mean the link "payroll tax holiday" as it was called?

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Feb-28-13 7:24 PM

Better yet, they can divvy out the money in the SS fund to all the people who paid into it.

If we aren't going to fund it, like JReader suggests, then we may as well dismantle it.

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Feb-28-13 7:23 PM

How about we just eliminate Social Security all together? I could use the extra cash and all you baby boomers can fend for yourselves. I am tired of supporting your retirement that I will not get any of anyway.

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Feb-28-13 7:21 PM

JReader, can you please provide the link where you were praising President Obama for giving you a tax cut two years ago? Or, do you only say negative things about him?

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Feb-28-13 2:32 PM

Wow, JR, I don't know if we can take four years of your constant crankiness.

"Ignorant masses"?

Have you been taking charm lessons from MIT?

Are you secretly getting tips from Concerned73?

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Feb-28-13 8:33 AM

The repeal of a tax cut is a tax increase MCW. If your last pay check in 2012 was larger than the first paycheck you received in 2013 guess what ??? You've just witnessed a tax increase. Get used to it we're going to have four more years of this crap thanks to our beloved king.

His "balanced" approach to fixing our/his debt problems contain almost exclusive use of tax hikes... wait "tax" is such a dirty word, let's just call them revenue increases shall we ? Much easier to sell this to the ignorant masses when you re-brand.

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Feb-28-13 8:32 AM

I always thought taking $$ from an underfunded SS program was a dumb thing to do. But hey, it got Democracts elected/reelectd, so it did its job for them. Elections are over. Now they are free to take that refund back.

The point, I believe, is that those in government thoght that now was the time that we could all afford to have less money in our pockets. We need to make due with what we're allowed to keep.

Why can't our government, who works for us, do the same?

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Feb-28-13 7:35 AM

Avoice- was cutting SS funding by 18% or so ever a good idea? (2% divided by the 12% that comes out of our checks). I thought they said they were having money problems.

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Feb-28-13 12:02 AM

middleclassworker - for the low information voter, I should have said it was the end of the "payroll tax holiday' which increased the payroll tax deduction by 2%. Regardless how you want it said , you still had your tax deduction increased by 2%.

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Feb-27-13 9:22 PM

"Across the board cuts are stupid when good programs suffer, there are much better ways to handle all of this if the Republican Party would get their you know what together and stop with all the Obama obsesing."

I don't know if you've been following what's been going on lately, but the Republican Party agrees across the board cuts are stupid. That's why they ae proposising a bill to allow the flexibiility to make the cuts where they would do the least damage instead of hacking everything.

Yes, the Reps are actually proposing a viable alternative to the blind cuts.

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Feb-27-13 7:46 PM

Okay, AVoice, let's get the facts straight here. Jeez, I feel like I am watching nan episode of Fox and Friends when I read some of your posts.

Neither Congress, nor our President "raised taxes by 2%" in January. They let the Social Security tax rate return to where it was before the TEMPORARY rate cut. This was always meant to be temporary and in my opinion should have never happened in the first place, since we keep hearing that Social Security is running out of money. Somehow, I don't understand how cutting approximately 18% of its income for a good half year helped that situation.

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Feb-27-13 1:52 PM

Schnauser, if the President were a fulltime leader instead of a fulltime campaigner, maybe something would and could be done. By the way, the sequester is nothing but reducing(cutting to you probably)the growth of the budget for the budget period. The budget will grow but will be limited in the growth by the $84B over the next 7 months. I am not inside the beltway but believe true facts need to be known and discussed, not demonization and campaign rhetoric.

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Feb-27-13 12:48 PM

Avoice, you sound like a beltway insider who has all the answers. Why don't you get to work and solve this. Across the board cuts are stupid when good programs suffer, there are much better ways to handle all of this if the Republican Party would get their you know what together and stop with all the Obama obsesing. We all know that seeing the president gets what is coming to him is what this is in most part due to. It is petty politics on their part plain and simple. Have a nice day.

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Feb-26-13 11:59 PM

I guess at this point I can only say the Government, in January, made us reduce our spending budgets 2%(increased payroll tax), why can't the government make a likewise spending budget cut of 2.4%?

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Feb-26-13 11:49 PM

More facts for the table. The two House bills passed contained no new revenues but included entitlement matters. Senator Reid would not bring the two bills up for a floor discussion or a vote. Today there was information Senator Reid will be bringing a bill forward on Thursday and will be allowing a Senate Republican bill to be heard - to be voted on possible on Thursday. The Dem plan will kick the can down the road until the end of the year at which time they will have a mixture of spending cuts and revenue increases($55B) to cover the $110 billion cost through the end of the year. The Republican bill will give President Obama the flexibility to determine where cost reduction could be best applied. Either plan will face a tough battle to be passed. The Dems don't want cuts and some Dem senators up for re-election in conservative leaning states might balk at the revenue increases.

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Feb-26-13 7:35 PM

On the Republican side, 174 in the House voted for the agreement, 66 against. Down the line both parties failed us and took what seemed to be the easy way out. Since that the House Republicans passed 2 bills with no attempt to find middle ground - because they could. Democratic House & Senate proposals of half revenue (including closing loopholes) and half cuts (including agriculture subsidies) get no Republican interest. Can't compromise a penny. So there it is.

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Feb-26-13 2:16 PM

(cont) ignore the real problems to make political points in a manufactured "crisis".

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