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We got cuts, why not government?

February 28, 2013

If the federal spending cuts known as "the sequester" go through beginning Friday, it will be a terrible calamity, the White House warns....

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Mar-08-13 10:27 AM

your right Sven, my mistake. My expectations of you were way too high.

MCW, the sooner you come to the realization that our current president is part of the 1% crowd the sooner we can all do something to help out our fellow Kraft and 3M workers.

You know you can get an audience with Obama ? All you have to do is write a check for $500,000.00 and he's all yours. He's become a political prostitute just like all the rest of them.

This is the leader you follow blindly and without question. Thank you for giving him such power.

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Mar-07-13 1:45 PM

Ask the workers at Kraft, Ilpea (formally Holm Industries) 3M how morale is these days. After Kraft announced their restructuring plans, there has been an overwhelming "who gives a %$@* attitude. These people busted their butts their whole career to be the low cost producer, to be the best, and they were. Champagne Illinois can't even get to 40% of New Ulm's efficiency, yet they are still moving the production to the other plant.

The work force is beginning to learn that it doesn't matter how hard you work, the 1% is blind to that. It's all about dollars to them.

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Mar-07-13 1:40 PM

Yes, companies are doing more with less. Eventually, the camel's back will break. You are already seeing workers striking because enough is enough. They are getting tired of seeing those record profits staying at the top while they are being asked to do more with less. You can only stretch a dollar so far when you are raising a family.

You are still blaming this on our President? You truly are a desperate 'ol boy, or girl, or whatever.

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Mar-07-13 12:49 PM

JR: Speaking of thumb sucking. "That's also a new counting high for you--all the way to twelve now."

That's all the better you can come up with. You truly are desperate ol' boy.

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Mar-07-13 11:30 AM


Yes Prez Bam Bam deserves all the credit for the Dow. Let's see why it's grown so much as of late. Is it due to more people going back to work - no. Corporations are sitting on loads of cash and record profits. They are keeping expenses down and haven't hired back workers. Imagine that, they are doing more with less. Perhaps Bam Bam should take his cue from them when trying to balance the governments books.

Bottom line, these record Dow closings might not be sustained if our beloved Bam Bam doesn't get people back to work. We've been waiting four years for it to happen so it will come as no surprise if we'll need to wait another four until we get a regime change. Now that'll be "hope and change" we can all believe in... too bad we'll have to wait so long for it to happen.

I'm done buying stock for a while. I'm looking at a couple pieces of real estate.

Thumb sucking ? That's all the better you can come up with ? You truly are desperate ol' boy.

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Mar-06-13 7:01 PM

JR: Congratulations on being the only objective person on the planet. Your self esteem appears to be holding up well.

However, I look at Svensota's unbiased list of 12 significant accomplishments by President Obama and I am truly pleased. I have often answered your questions in detail, and just as often I've enjoyed blowing them off for the silliness that they represent.

We are so far ahead of where George W. Bush left us in 2007 that I am grateful and joyous and even more optimistic about the next four years than the first four.

That you don't see things as I do does not make me wrong or a "tool".

So, I'll leave you with this, grumpy-gus.


And, guess what, it will be going up as the recovery kicks in more and more and corporate profits keep getting bigger and bigger.

Wall Street doesn't spend a nickel if they don't see the next rainbow.

So stop s u c k i n g your thumb and go buy some stocks.

Believe in America!!!!

Go President Bam-bam!

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Mar-06-13 5:13 PM


We possess something you lack - objectivity.

Can you honestly state that you are happy with the way he has increased our debt ?

If a Rebublican were sitting in the Whitehouse right now you'd be screaming bloody murder about the debt, the state of the economy, unemployment, the murder of our ambassedor, etc etc.

You give the guy a free pass for only one reason, because he has a big "D" after his name. When you do this along with all of those that do it on both sides of the aisle you are doing your part to wreck our country. So, to that end I think you are a total tool just like all of the rest of them.

Call me cranky if you want because it only means you lack the ability to truthfully answer any of the previous points I've brought up.

I'd rather be a truthful crank than a self-justifying tool.

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Mar-05-13 10:54 PM

Integrity: The analogies aren't for me, they're for you. They make you feel better. So, have at it.

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Mar-05-13 8:50 PM

SVEN: sorry, I'll stop "Obstructing" your obvious genius ideas. Just like the blacks should have never been obstructing the civil rights movement-they were in the minority. Same with women equality rights - what a bunch of obstructers!! Are those better analogies for you??

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Mar-05-13 2:53 PM

The votes are in and tallied for...


Presidential accomplishments: 5 agree, 9 fools disagree

State of the semi-loyal opposition report: 0 agree, 5 out of total confusion disagree

So, the composite score would be: 26.3% believe Svensota is right about President Obama and the GOP, and 73.7% think ol' Sven is goofier than a hippie on ***.

And, what do the Great Unwashed of America think?

President Obama has a 51% approval rating. A majority.

What does this mean?

New Ulm is cranky? Uninformed? Far right leaning? Watches too much Fox TV? Thinks Rush really should be President?

You decide.

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Mar-05-13 2:31 PM

I don't know what an "and*****upo" is, but I'm sure if JR gets wind of this he'll blame President Obama.

Stay ever-vigilant, Snivel.

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Mar-05-13 2:14 PM

Yes Sven and Im not talking about folks who have reached retirement age and rightfully collect social security. Im talking about the huge amount of people who claim some ailment or another when they are way off from retirement and*****upo social security as their one and only income

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Mar-05-13 10:28 AM

JR, Snivel, and Integrity:

"Social security sucking leeches"?

"Obama as bad as Bush"?

"(like) North Korea"?

Obviously, from reading your posts, our President's accomplishments have brought you deep grief and anger, not to mention confused metaphors.

I feel your pain.

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Mar-05-13 10:11 AM

HEY SVEN, read the article in yesterdays Journal about fair share and how much tax the "rich pay" dont tell me this regime isnt socialistic,with the hard headed adea they need to take from the hard working "rich" and give it to the the freeloading lazy non workers, and NO Im not talking about the working middle class of which I am one, but the freeloading medical assistance Im disabled because of OCD social security sucking leeches of the country, )some even in New Ulm)

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Mar-05-13 9:35 AM


You hold on to you president's greatness and that of his party just like Michael T. does with his views on same-sex marriage.

you can choose to believe whatever you want. Lord knows I can't change you in your firmly entrenched beliefs. Any reasonalble and rational person would see that this administration has long ago given up on the notion of hope and change and is nothing more than another status qou regime. Obama is as bad as Bush was. The only difference is that it is a different kind of bad.

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Mar-05-13 8:02 AM

I always think it's funny when they say the Republicans "obstruct". Apparently the only opinions that matter are those of a Dem? Just because they have a difference in opinion and are stubborn to give it up makes them "obstructing". Let's just let one group of ideas run the country-get rid of opposition...oh wait, if we want that we can go to Iran, North Korea, Etc...

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Mar-04-13 10:21 PM

Well, now.

Let's take a look at the loyal opposition and see where they stand on all those high octane bellicose issues of this past November.

Immigration--from wanting to build machine gun nests along the US-Mexican border a peep. Oh, that's right, Hispanics vote. Gosh, forgot that didn't ya'.

Gay marriage--GOPpers made a really big deal about being all against this one but, now, hardly a peep. Even Dick Cheney is in favor of gay marriage. Go Supremes.

Afghanistan--Hard to wave the flag and bring the boys home from a war you guys started and had no idea about how to finish.


The Economy--Oh, yes. Put all the marbles here. The big idea: Slash government spending. That will build confidence, create jobs, and bring back boom times. Hilarious.

I miss the Republican debates.

Doofus, meet "duffus".

Speaking of which, we haven't seen or heard of "W" for...months...years. Don't you guys like him?

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Mar-04-13 9:28 PM

They swallowed their pride to work out a deal to allow the low tax rates to be extended for 99% of us. That deal included tax rate hikes with NO spending cuts included.

What else would you have them do when they are one branch of a divided government?

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Mar-04-13 9:19 PM

They passed a couple budgets. But anything they attempt dies in the Senate.

They tried to give us an option to the across the board blind sequester cuts. But Obama would have none of it. He'd rather take the stupid cuts than have his administration take responsiblity for targeted cuts.

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Mar-04-13 4:48 PM

JR: I play golf. So counting beyond five is difficult and oftentimes heartbreaking.

So, of the 12 stunning President Obama accomplishments, you niggle about 3 1/2. Guess that means you acknowledge at least 8 1/2 stunning accomplishments, far more than most sullen right-wingers.

Congratulations, JR, we'll make you an "Honorary Hope 'n Change Fellow".

I still yearn for an answer to my question: What have the Republicans done lately, other than obstruct, complain and delay?

Really. It's not a trick question. Although, I'd like it to be.

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Mar-04-13 1:55 PM

Those are some nice embellishments, Sven. That's also a new counting high for you - all the way to twelve now. Congratulations.

If anyone saved Banking it was Bush and his treasury dude, Poulson. Remember TARP ? It couldn't have been Obama who dreamed that one up because it was a loan program. Obama can't fathom the concept of someone actually giving money back to the government with interest. Oh, well nice try though. So Obama saved the auto indusry too ? Wow - what does Honda, Toyota, Hyundai think about themselves being saved by Obama ? Right it was really only GM and Chrysler that really count. Again, nice try. He saved the UAW and screwed a lot more people in the process.

The real clincher though is "championed". Leave it to a liberal to equate an accomplishment to the word championed. You really have lowered the bar for your guy Sven. At best you can say his position on gay marriage has evolved. What he has really done has jumped on the band wagon.

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Mar-03-13 11:27 PM

svensota, my glass is 3/4 full but am concerned for the lack of opportunity being denied those who want to put something in their glass.

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Mar-03-13 5:52 PM

Avoice: Some excellent comments.

The past four years have been no picnic and I'm sure President Obama would have liked to have waltzed into office like "W", with surpluses bulging. But, he walked into a quagmire not of his own making and the alternatives were, choose one, "bad" or "worse". It's easy to point out the bad. But, I'm thankful is wasn't the worse.

Your glass is half empty and you're grumpy. Mine's half full and I'm semi-satisfied. More like, relieved.

The Great Depression wasn't over in 1936. And, this mess isn't over, now, after four years. It may take several more years.

But, I like our chances of a full recovery a lot better than every country in Europe, especially those that have opted for the austerity slash and burn scenario.

You can always vote for Mitt this coming November and get the changes you and the majority want.


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Mar-03-13 4:07 PM

Obama would be GREAT if he used his own money to do all those "wonderful" things on the list. He didn't, he used our money, and lost a bunch of it in the process. Think of all the good anyone of us could do with an "unlimited" check book of other people's money...and just mandate more money when the checking account gets a little low. That means more taxes...and you're delusional to think that won't happen (it already has).

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Mar-03-13 2:11 PM

MCW, if that is what the tax laws Congress has passed allow, then do not elect those memebers. 5 year abatement of taxes are usually local or state initiated to get those industries and companies will flock to take advantage of taxes as well as locating in a right-to-work state.

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