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Farm bill failure

June 21, 2013

It is disappointing that the latest farm bill failed to pass the U.S. House Thursday....

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Jun-25-13 12:40 PM


First, you shoot your mouth off and try to impress us with your knowledge of Chicago by telling us you've seen so much suffering in the Hyde Park area, which is ludicrous.

Then, you back-track and pretend it was all a set up--"bait", according to you.

Now, you try to slip out of your mess-ups by attempting your usual clumsy condescension.

Keep trying, fishbreath.

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Jun-25-13 9:57 AM

I'm so proud of Sven. You managed to use such a hard word in a sentence.

You started this whole duplicitous exercise when you attempted to introduce geography to this discussion. You tried to suggest that I somehow choose to turn a blind eye to people's suffering. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I chose Hyde Park "area" for a reason. It was to illustrate to dullards like you that our current president is no different than any other of our Washington elite. I should have realized that you'd have difficulty in seeing the tree among the forest. My bad.

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Jun-24-13 8:10 PM

Nice try, toold. Do dome research and you will see that those Cadillacs are not coming back to the US.

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Jun-24-13 7:20 PM

MT: Feeding America

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Jun-24-13 5:36 PM


That was insensitive of me to make light of your questions. You brought up some good points about Chicago and Detroit.

For example, many conservatives believe we should limit politicians to two terms.

One in office.

One in prison.

Detroit and Chicago already do this.

Continue to be ever-vigilant, Avoice.

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Jun-24-13 1:55 PM

JR: You swallowed your own bait, fishbreath.

You were the one trying to tell us that Hyde Park was a place of misery. Now you flip-flop and tell us--oh, never mind--it's an affluent "island", after all.

I have a question for you: Do you know the meaning of duplicity? You're the poster boy for it, dude.

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Jun-24-13 12:20 PM

japan Viking's post was a pleasure to read. Did anyone notice that the newest auto plant to be built by GM is going to be built in China. Building Cadillacs.

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Jun-24-13 10:03 AM


Thanks for taking the bait. My sister was in grad school at the University of Chicago and it is known as "the island" for a reason. It is affluent and it is surrounded by some of the worst conditions anywhere in America. None of that has changed over the last four years.

A question for you. Do you consider the fact that record numbers of people are on food stamps as an achievement for the Obama Adminstration ?

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Jun-23-13 6:20 PM

The biggest reason that Detroit is having problems is because southern states are taxing their residents into poverty so that they can give millions to foreign auto manufacturers to compete with US manufacturers and northern jobs. Unfortunately, there is so little patriotism left in this country that people continue to buy these rice burners. At least GM didn't get to keep the money.

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Jun-22-13 7:22 PM

GOP Congressman Steven Fincher voted for a $20 billion cut in SNAP, comparing food stamps to stealing other people’s money.

He is a farmer who collected about $3.5 million in subsidies from 1999 to 2012. His 2012 direct payment was $70,000.

Whose money was that?

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Jun-22-13 11:24 AM

*************JR's DREAM***********

(Ring, ring.)

"Yes. Hello, this is the President speaking."


"Speak up! I don't have all day. I'm trying to ruin the country. Who is this?"

"Uh...I'm JR from New Ulm and I want you to know that the million dollars you spent on your house in crummy Hyde Park was a really BIG mistake."

"Why? Michelle and I like the bucolic grounds of the University of Chicago and the camaraderie of fellow Nobel Prize winners in our neighborhood and the stunning views of Lake Michigan from Lake Shore Drive."

"I'm telling you Hyde Park is a ghetto...a place of misery. And I know everything."

"GOSH! In that case I'll call Rahm this afternoon and have him sell it. Thanks so much for your astute real estate insight, JR."

**************Sweet dreams**************

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Jun-22-13 10:08 AM

Take time to look up food stamp use by state. Some facts - 76% of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person. This is 83% of all SNAP benefits. The average SNAP household has a gross monthly income of $744; net monthly income of $338 after deductions like child care, medical expenses, and shelter costs; and countable resources of $331, such as a bank account. The average monthly SNAP benefit per person is $133.85, or less than $1.50 per person, per meal

SNAP participation historically follows unemployment with a slight lag. SNAP participation grew during the recession, responding quickly and effectively to increased need. As the number of unemployed people increased by 94% from 2007 to 2011, SNAP responded with a 70% increase in participation over the same period. In the 12 months before Obama was sworn in, 4.4 million were added to the rolls, triple the number added in all of 2007.

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Jun-21-13 11:28 PM

Avoice: Thank you. Let me explain.

Detroit is the way it is, because there are too many poor Black people over there who a scamming the system and taking all of your hard-earned tax dollars and spending it on liquor and Cadillacs and dope. Also, few of them attend Ivy League schools on purpose just so they can laze around and live off of middle-class white people from lower-middle Minnesota.

There. That should be an answer that makes as much sense as your questions.

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Jun-21-13 10:53 PM

svensota, you mention Detroit and Chicago who have been under the Democrat banner control for so long one cannot count the years. How did they get that way? One could easily surmise is because of the practices you invoke and have expanded over the years have been the primay causes. Representqative Dingel(D), who celebrated his 37th year in Congress, represents Detroit - you know the city who is contemplating bankruptcy.

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Jun-21-13 8:21 PM

Hyde Park? Misery? That is truly hilarious. Speaking of limited comprehension, JR, you have just demonstrated that you are a prizewinner!

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Jun-21-13 4:46 PM


Poke your head out of your backside for a moment and take a breath of fresh air...

Never once said people in your former stomping grounds shouldn't get aid. I just believe in aid based on need and not based on slick marketing campaigns promoted by the USDA. Why should local welfare agencies receive incentives just for signing folks up for their program ? Is that really necessary if there are legitimate needs out there ? Aren't people smart enough to seek out benefits on their own if they truly need them ? Why have people on food stamps exploded under Obama ?

Don't worry you don't have to answer because I wouldn't want to tax your limited comprehension on how the real world works. You better go back to talking to your imaginary friends and hope the NSA isn't listening in.

My sister used to live in the Hyde Park area so I think I've seen my share of misery.

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Jun-21-13 2:27 PM

Starving in the United States of America?

JR, I think you and Mrs. should hop on a train and glide into Chicago and take a stroll out on West Madison Street and see for yourself up close if anyone is starving.

Or, head off for a joyous vacation weekend just about anywhere south of 8-Mile in Detroit.

Or, take in any of about 1000 other swell places in our land of bounty.

Clearly, you will discover, we need more prisons and workhouses and fewer bleeding heart do-gooder Federal programs...

...if you live longer that 28 minutes on one of your fact-finding jaunts.

Best wishes, and take along a can of pepper spray.

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Jun-21-13 10:43 AM

For all you calling for the two programs to be separated, why should they be?

Farm subsides artificially raise the price of food for farmers. So now you have to do something so that the poorer people can still afford these artificially raised food prices. Hence SNAP. So SNAP also serves to artificially raise the price of food too. Guess who ultimately benefits from both program (answer: farmers)?

Yet, we have people like "RichFarmer" on here telling other people to get a job, while farmers leach off the government more than anyone...

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Jun-21-13 9:49 AM

Rich Farmer you make the broad statement “stop their dependence on the bankrupt government” yet corporate welfare and subsidies cost more each year than social welfare programs. Corporate welfare spending in 2012 was a staggering $100 billion. The largest recipient of “corporate welfare” in the federal budget at more than $25 billion is the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Second on the list is The Department of Energy at $18 billion. Farm subsidies and oil subsidies account for $43 billion of that $100 billion in 2012 spending. Let’s eliminate subsidies across the board. Whether you run a business, a farm, or an oil company if you cannot be profitable and make it on your own without federal assistance (welfare) then you should go into a different line of work. Welfare is welfare whether corporate or social and I for one would rather have my tax dollars going to programs like meals on wheels to provide meals for the elderly and disabled than to subsidize oil companies and farms.

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Jun-21-13 9:01 AM

I couldn't find any statistics on this - just how many people have starved to death in the U.S. during the last 25 years ?

Many people will take a handout if it is offered. Whether or not they really need it is the real point to be debated.

Obama's crusade is to make as many people as possible into dependents of the state whether or not they really need to be.

It's pathetic that over 80% of the "farm bill" has nothing to do with farms or farming at all.

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Jun-21-13 8:09 AM

I think the key to this whole argument is what the editorial said at the end - SEPARATE THE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PROGRAMS!! Then, tackle each issue independently. Politics and piggy-backing are just ugly right now and it causes inefficiency's at such a high level. This is just a small glimpse into it.

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Jun-21-13 2:14 AM

That is a great idea, Richfarmer. How would you propose bringing those jobs back to the know, the ones that paid millions of Americans a decent wage and offered family health coverage and a pension? You seem to think that people like living in poverty. I'm glad I don't qualify for food stamps by a long shot. I would hate to be that poor. I don't think many of the people on that assistance have much choice. Companies just aren't taking care of their employees like they used to. Corporate profits are up some 80% on the backs of their employees.

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