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Sex abuse not unique to Catholic Church

June 22, 2013

To the editor: Before anyone jumps to pointing all fingers at the Catholic Church for claims of sexual abuse, do your research. There is abuse in every faith practice out there....

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Jul-06-13 7:16 AM

You can't blame the church for letting your abuser get away. Your all grown up now. Get a spine and get after it. Yes abuse is everywhere but "Thee Church" as Catholics remind us has institutionalized practice of abuse in all its forms.

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Jun-30-13 1:11 AM

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Jun-30-13 1:09 AM

she was not pointing her finger at just any Lutheran church she was trying to tell you its not just in catholic churches. Its everywhere as a parent who can feel safe anymore entrusting their young children to anyone that can have power over their child's beliefs and what they have been taught to trust. I was always taught as a child to trust people in the church and police officers and other parents and teachers etc they are adults who are suppose to protect you. Its been taken from us. She said this person was Lutheran, she did not say it was a he or a she or a minister. She was told to keep her mouth shut and that's what you should be concerned about right now and who and where this person is and are they around your children or grandchildren and i am sorry Peggy you should have came forward and you still should. And i am as a adult sorry you have to endear anything like this or be treated that way. Who did this to you is a very sick person and who said for you to shut up is sick

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Jun-24-13 11:56 AM

mnsotn: I can see where Ring2003 is coming from in her objection to your comment. It does seem to come from nowhere with nothing to support it.

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Jun-24-13 10:40 AM

I guess I don't understand. When the words sexual abuse are used one has to assume a crime was committed. And, it appears all you did was to inform the Lutheran Church. The church sould have notified the authorities of your complaint but if they refused why is it you seem to just let it go as well ? If there is an abuser out there how can you knowingly let him keep walking the streets free to abuse more people ?

Although these lawsuits make many people squeemish, they do serve a purpose to identify these people as well as make these institutions accountable for their past complacency. It seems to be the only way many of these churches are willing to change their ways is when it is forced upon them in the courts.

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Jun-24-13 7:34 AM

Did I hit a nerve, Ring? Oh no, one of your own might be the problem?

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Jun-23-13 9:42 PM

Most misinformed comment yet, Mnsotn. Most rapists are atheists? I can't wait to hear the statistics you found to back up that statement. You did use statistics and facts, right? You certainly wouldn't spout something as completely false and laughable as that without something besides your ignorance to back it up, would you?

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Jun-23-13 6:07 PM

When has anybody said that sex abuse was unique yo churches. I would bet that most rapists are atheist.

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Jun-23-13 1:12 PM


Some Lutheran church bodies apply these words of God very faithfully, and others do not. The public does not often hear about those who do, because the person is removed from the ministry soon after the facts are known. The cases that the public hears about are those in which the church body does not declare that the person has disqualified himself from the ministry, but covers up his wrong and allows it to continue elsewhere.

There are Lutheran churches that closely follow God’s word on this matter. They are the same Lutheran churches that closely adhere to God’s word on other matters such as marriage and divorce, homosexuality, creation, etc. Churches that are not willing to bend God’s word on these other matters are also not willing to bend His word when it comes to its requirements for public ministers of the word.

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Jun-23-13 1:12 PM

Peggy - It saddens my heart to hear that you were abused by one whom you should have been able to trust. Your letter raises some questions. If your abuser committed a crime, did you report it to the police so that they could pursue prosecution? There might be reasons why you could not, but that might have been one way of ensuring that this man would be publicly exposed and no longer able to abuse others.

Any church that would allow such a minister to continue serving after such an incident is not following the words of the Bible. The Bible says that an elder, bishop, or pastor must be "blameless, a lover of what is good, sober-minded, just holy, self-controlled..." A minister who falls into gross public sin no longer fits these criteria, and must be removed from the public ministry. When churches no longer listen to this part of the Bible, they turn people away from their church and from the message they are trying to share... (cont.)

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Jun-23-13 7:48 AM

When has anyone ever said that sex abuse was unique to the Catholic Church?

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Jun-23-13 5:02 AM

Find a different hobby GopherState. She had a well written opinion. It just goes to show that this happens no matter who you are.

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Jun-23-13 1:34 AM

I don't like how you mention "The Lutheran Church". There are many Lutheran churches, some who shouldn't even keep the name Lutheran anymore. They are all separate church bodies who have no affiliation with each other. Maybe next time you won't lump them all in together.

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