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City management in police case

July 20, 2013

To the editor: The officer (Mathew Rasmussen) killed two innocent people through negligence. This was a complete cover up by law enforcement which should not surprise anybod....

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Jul-20-13 11:08 PM

It is sad how quickly people seem to have forgotten all the wonderful things Myron Wieland has done for that town.

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Jul-20-13 11:28 PM

How much are the Wichmans paying you,just wondering.

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Jul-21-13 10:12 AM

This whole cover up idea is "BS" and Dana Wichmann threats that he is going to own the city is a joke. I agree in that Officer Rasmussen still working for NUPD leaves me upset, but again a cover up, get a grip. Finally if anyone knows the author of this letter, you would put two cents into anything he says.

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Jul-21-13 12:34 PM

It is what it is. Two weeks after the CRASH I became aware of what they were trying to do. I tried to****it in the bud but, well this is what it’s come down to. All this talk of money is very telling as to what you value most. Personally I prefer the truth. As for the, “Wichmanns” paying anything is just bogus rambling. Let me be clear the only Wichmann you need to concern yourself with is me, Dana Lee Wichmann. This is my fight alone. If anyone else benefits from my persistence, good so much the better. I haven’t lived in New Ulm for over 40 years but I still have to refer to NU as my hometown and I am sick of the embarrassment. These people should know if they break the law there is a price to be paid just like everybody else.

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Jul-21-13 12:37 PM

Tried to N I P it in the bud

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Jul-21-13 5:10 PM

Dana - I can't imagine losing two family members from one incident, in such a tragic way. It would be devastating. You always say this is your fight, alone. I always wonder why the rest of your family are not in this with you?

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Jul-21-13 5:35 PM

GrandmaD, wonder no more. I won’t let them. If I had a family w/kids I would want this all in the past and I wish they didn’t have to endure this but as I said it is what it is. You just don’t run down people and then try to cover it up. That’s mafioso type stuff. Our lawyers did a d-a-m fine job. Their role was not as prosecutor. Somebody else dropped that ball

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Jul-21-13 9:44 PM

FYI, If not for the ‘attempted’ coverup this case would have be prosecuted, the officer fired and that would have been it for the punishment phase. On to the civil case. If the city would not have claimed responsibility for the officer the settlement could have been considerably less. Now I’m told this was an unusually high settlement. Oh well on to the punishment phase, again only this time without the cover-up. Perhaps you should look closer to “home” for the lawyer responsible for your woes. You do know that settlement is funded by “The League of Minnesota Cities”. That means most cities in Minnesota are paying for New Ulms’ incompetence. I wonder how they feel.

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Jul-29-13 11:55 PM

Oh and to you directly JessicaB1976, what's your problem. I never said anything of the sort. You are a liar plain and simple. Aren't you the same Jessica who discounted a witness statement because he is a roofer. What job do you do that makes you so high and mighty? I have not and will not lie here. Nothing I say is made up. The truth hurts doesn't it. The only ones that lie here are friends and family of the creeps. I single you out because of all the responses I have read you tell the most blatant lies. Go to myra-brian. c o m and look at witness statement #1, both of them. They are the same guy. Which one do you think was presented to the grand jury. And then come back here and tell me there was no cover-up. And also note who took the statement. It was a NUPD patrol officer. Not a state patrol officer. I dare you to come back and defend that. Put up or shut up. Sorry, I do feel awful attacking one of my fellow commenters but I will not tolerate a lie. Not in a matter this serious.

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Jul-30-13 10:54 AM

Dana-Maybe you should put up or shut up. Your rants and views on here are unreal. Promises and threats that you are going to get the bottom of this and take people down are getting real old. You contacted the FBI, the Mayor, the Chief, the City Attorney, the State Patrol, the City Manager are going down, blah, blah, blah. Grand Jury issued a no bill, your family agreed on a settlement, MOVE ON!

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Jul-30-13 2:16 PM

Me thinks my comments are having an effect on you SkilledLaborer. Have you been to my site. I add to it every day. Don't worry I can't see who's looking, just the number of clicks. My site is not a meme. Everything on the site is absolutely related the matter at hand which is "truth and justice for myra and brian". As for threats, I'm just telling you what I'm up to.

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