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We need a ‘conversation’

August 14, 2013

To the editor: Our country is being Balkanized by those who seize on the Travon Martin – George Zimmermann case to further divide us into racial categories....

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Aug-15-13 3:02 PM

Leadfoot: Look up "facetious".

Never mind. I'll help you: joking or being jocular at an inappropriate time.

I've read so many similar comments by MIT, Bloozboy, et al, that I thought it would be fun to mimic them for a change before they got all preachy.

Clearly it worked. Zip agreed and 11 disagreed.

A perfect score!

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Aug-15-13 8:37 AM

The race baiters in this country are perplexed by the fact that they are the dog that finally caught up to the car. Now what? Trying to achieve 100% acceptance by 100% of the population is a fantasy. Racism will always exist at the individual level. (Fill in the blank)ism will always exist at the individual level. As Oprah Winfrey exposed to the world this week, she needs everyone to love her, and if they don't, they must be racist. It is not good enough to be a billionaire with millions of adoring fans, the clerk at the purse store needed to love her as well. Really Oprah?

Avoid the haters, operate around them and get on with your life. No matter who you are, you can do that in America.

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Aug-14-13 3:20 PM

Svensota: Consider supporting your comments without just using labels. Wulff's letter was carefully thought out. You apparently do not wish to have a higher level conversation.

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Aug-14-13 11:18 AM

When we begin to dictate how others should think and act we no longer offer solutions but rather only add to the long running diatribe regarding race relations.

This is the real lesson to be gained from the Ziimerman trial. It is the media that is culpabale for turning this into a "racial event". The media carefully constructed a narrative that made it sound as if a "white hispanic" man shot and killed an "unarmed black teenager". The facts presented at the trial portrayed a much different set of events that led to the death of Trayvon Martin.

It is this trial conducted in the media and its willful distortion of the facts that has truly set back race relations in our country.

People today need to come to the realization that the media sells the news for a profit and it often has very little to do with presenting facts. Once we can all recognize this we can begin the true conversation.

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Aug-14-13 9:26 AM

Even with all the progress in education and politics concerning minority rights, personal beliefs and opinions remain decades behind and slithered clearly into daylight with the election of a black president. It must not be only ‘those people’ lacking good parents, stable families, and decent role models.

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Aug-14-13 8:21 AM

Yes, let's have a conversation across an open table. And let's do it without terminology such as left wing liberal, right wing crackpot or minority victim mentality. Let's discuss the issues at hand and work to build a consensus we can agree upon........... Then let's run for Congress!

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Aug-14-13 2:12 AM

Excellent letter, professor.

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Aug-14-13 1:37 AM

This letter is a bunch of dang Communist chit-chat, if you ask me. Real Americans would never write such blatant left wing propaganda.

I'm so offended.

And the Founding Fathers would be tied up in their shorts, too. I know my shorts are pretty tied up right now just reading such crazy liberal...stuff.

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