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Syria proposal needs answers

September 8, 2013

The decision by a U.S....

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Sep-13-13 12:33 PM

JR: If the Putin Alternative works, he will, no doubt, receive the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Imagine: Vladimir Putin, former KBG operative and shadow multi-multi-billionaire, bringing diplomacy to the Syrian crises.

Who would have guessed it?!

And check out Vladimir's letter in the NY Times (Thursday). The guy's muy boffo on the world stage.

Score: Obama-1 Nobel, Putin-1 Nobel. But, Putin gets the ball on the next possession.

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Sep-12-13 1:27 PM

Yes, but who'd get Air Force One ????

It could very well lead to our next international crisis...

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Sep-12-13 11:32 AM

JR: As our new U.S. VP, he'd have the old Naval Observatory grounds in D.C. to call his own and he could import a pride of lions, a bevy of hot-babe Euro beauties, and several truckloads of ammunition, guns, diamonds, gold bars and assorted Ruskie bling.

He'd have more fun up there than Rockefeller ever did.

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Sep-12-13 8:48 AM

There isn't a room big enough to house Putin's ego...

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Sep-11-13 9:36 PM

JR: The Allies thought that winning the war sooner would end the Final Solution faster. Others thought that bombing the railroads leading to the concentration camps would have stopped or at least slowed the process down. There is no one right answer, and it has been argued endlessly. I'd leave it for the Existentialists to figure out.

As to the current situation, I say we trade Joe Biden for Vladimir Putin.

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Sep-11-13 10:33 AM


I'm curious, in retrospect what should the Allies have done sooner to not "ignore" the Holocaust ?

I understand there may have been evidence provided of the atrocities being committed by the Germans but to say the ignored it - meaning they could have done something to stop it and chose not to is at best a stretch. It's not like the Allies had satellite guided cruise missles to take 'em out.

As far as Syria is concerned - Putin 1, Obama 0. Quite ironic how the "Russian Solution" came on the eve of Obama's big speech to make the hard sell to the American people. Putin probably did Obama a huge solid by stepping in when he did as Obama would have never had the votes in congress and didn't have the stones to order the stikes himself. Right now he's saying "you can keep the superbowl ring afer all".

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Sep-10-13 7:28 PM

Interesting comment, Gopher. Especially your last sentence. As near as I can tell, the Allies did ignore the Holocaust. Most of what I've read has shown that there was irrefutable evidence of the Final Solution in late 1942 (per "Aktion 1005" and all else that followed.)

The paradox has always been: What should have been done and when?

Sounds familiar.

So far, I like the Putin Alternative best, but I'm all for keeping our naval vessels on station, in the eastern Mediterranean, for a long time.

One false move, Bashar...and KA-BLAM-O!

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Sep-09-13 11:33 PM

I agree that we shouldn't bomb Syria, but for you need to remember that we had two formidable choices on the ballot. The other guy couldn't even get on Britain's good side. I just hope that history doesn't judge us as it would have if we ignored the Holocost completely.

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Sep-09-13 9:28 AM

Bengahzi was nothing more than a spontaneous movie protest...

Either a cover up or gross incompetence - pick your poison.

Either way it should make us all pause and question either the motives and or abilities of the current adminstration.

Why should we inject ourselves into a civil war where both sides involved in the conflict are considered to be our enemies ?

Just how are U.S. interests being served by getting ourselves involved in this conflict ?

If the use of chemical weapons crosses a red line in which the entire world has drawn according to our president why is it only the U.S. (and perhaps France) the only two countries willing to respond militarily ?

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Sep-08-13 10:26 AM

Once again contact your members in congress and tell them what you think. About military action again Syria. This is the chance for American to have voice less not pass it up. It’s important to make your opinion known before congress votes. If you don’t know how to contract members of congress there links on the Minnesota State Home page ******* Then on left side select Federal Then select Congress Then select U.S. House Representatives Then select your house member you will be asked for you zip code so you will be allowed only to leave a message for your representative (select contact) (select email option) follow instructions

Then do the same for U.S. Senate See how easy it is to make your opinion know to congress.

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