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They'll be coming for you

September 21, 2013

To the editor: First they came for the poor (Food Stamps), and I did not speak out — Because I was not PO....

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Sep-29-13 1:48 AM

Someone has to pay for the war machine, Deerhunt. It is Big Business who profits from war.

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Sep-25-13 8:56 PM

I would like to "Agee" at least 10 times to your post deer hunt!

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Sep-25-13 10:03 AM

MCM,i find it interesting that Progressives think it is better to tax the businesses heavier , send the money to Washington so they can decide where to spend it and whom to give it to , their past track record would suggest they are reckless with money. I don't understand why anyone would want to send more money to Washington to solve a problem, seems like when you do the problem gets worse. Look at what you pay into social security (count the other half your employer contributes also) ,if you had that in a retirement account you would probably be a millionaire in that same time frame. Eventually you will drive all big business overseas, not sure why you would blame them . The new regulations that Washington passes eventually end up getting paid for by the consumer. Keep up regulating and taxing , I'm sure it will all work out in fantasy land.

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Sep-24-13 7:26 PM

Funny how it works, we lower peoples' wages to the point of poverty, and suddenly, they can't do it all on their own. Funny how it works, you send all the decent paying manufacturing jobs to China and suddenly the people start working at Walmart and McDonalds and suddonly they want a livable wage and insurance.

Just wait until all these Millennials start approaching retirement age and realize that they have nothing to retire on. Who do you think will foot the bill for that one?

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Sep-24-13 3:43 PM

Tooold is correct, we are gradually giving everything up to the government to decide who should receive and who should not. I believe that is why we fought for our independence from the British. Boston Tea Party ring a bell?(tax?) It is fine to take from the collective for infrastructure and the poor, but we have gone way beyond that , both parties are to blame. Once you give up your independence , what do you have left ? I prefer not to become a dependent of the state , waiting for my next check to come in, having to vote for some idiot that will promise to help me by giving me a welfare check. I would prefer to determine my own future, live in a country that rewards me for working hard , not hardly working. We have bankrupted our children , we should all be ashamed.

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Sep-24-13 12:23 PM

Funny how it works. We create "programs" that in turn create more "in need". Our goverment's greatest loss on the battlefield - the war on poverty.

The "progressives" solution to this is to pour gasoline to put out the fire.

Why can't we teach people to once again fish rather than teach them to hold out their hands and demand a fish ?

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Sep-23-13 8:42 PM

Too bad it wasn't too late for Larry to post on this site.

Total drivel.

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Sep-21-13 3:31 PM

Rather than lamenting how government runs our lives the writer is lamenting how programs the people put in place to to protect those out of work, working but unable to meet basic needs, elderly, sick, are under assault - along with the character of the people who use them. People are the last concern of conservative politicians. There's an app for that. It's called vote progressive.

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Sep-21-13 11:09 AM

this letter makes a person stop and think about how gradually our government runs our lives and we don't even realize it. I wish there was an answer to the mess in Washington.

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