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Another power struggle in D.C.

September 22, 2013

The American public cannot be blamed these days for feeling like villagers caught between two armies, each aiming their cannons at the other with the village right in the line of fire....

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Sep-22-13 5:23 PM

Wow! Well written, exactly correct and non-partisan! Well done Journal. I am surprised and hope this may be a trend.

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Sep-23-13 12:37 AM

So, let's see. Hmmm....

The Tea Party wackos yap on endlessly about their deep respect for the Constitution and for the wisdom of the Founding Fathers (bless 'em).

Perhaps they should consider this:

President Obama was elected by a majority--twice. The Affordable Care Act was passed by a vote of Congress, and was upheld by the United States Supreme Court. It is the law now.

However, the same flag-waving Tea Party wackos have decided that none of the above matters when they are on the losing side, and they will take the matter into their own hands by, essentially, calling in a napalm strike on their own countrymen.

It is the height of political arrogance. And it shows the greatest disregard for all fellow Americans, and for the political system that we have come to trust for 200+ years.

In the end, the Republicans will reap what they sow by shutting down the government, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving group of dunderheaded miscreants.

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Sep-23-13 1:18 PM

Since Obama was elected by a "majority" twice nobody with a dissenting voice need bother raising it. After all, the Democrats were silent the entire eight years Bush was in office -not. To the victor goes the spoils especially with Washington today. Obamacare was a total railroad job executed by the Democrats only. It was opposed by a majority of Americans then just as it still is today. Perhaps it is those wacky Tea-Party types in congress are the only ones who are listening to the American people. The President certainly isn't.

Yeah, that's the hope and change we can all believe in, Mr. President.

Thanks for enlightening all us uninformed Washington outsiders yet again, Sven. You truly have an amazing grasp on how our current president operates.

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Sep-23-13 2:43 PM

J.R.: I'm blushing. Thank you for the compliment. You can always count on me to help keep you informed.

It's not that hard to do.

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Sep-23-13 5:52 PM

Yes Sven between you and Michael both preaching from your respective pulpits it's not necessary for anyone to carry a thought of their own. That's just the way the leaders want it. An ill-informed electorate is much easier to manipulate. Thanks again for doing "his" work. Your forked tongue serves your master well.

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Sep-23-13 6:35 PM

The average household income in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area has increased by 23% since Obama took office, yet nationwide, the average annual family income has dropped by $5,000. We sit here and battle each other while our "representatives" get rich on our ignorance and passivity.

Obamacare is a WELFARE program. They can flower it up as much as they want, but it is a WELFARE program designed to cost less for those who choose to spend their money on other priorities, and subsidized by those who have no choice in the matter. Us, the suckers.

Keep fighting with each other. You are making your ruling class overlords very happy.

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Sep-23-13 6:45 PM

J.R.: That's odd. I'm always getting MIT and you confused, especially when you start yammering about being manipulated by sneaky leaders.

You sound so much alike.

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Sep-23-13 11:53 PM

Getting rid of Obamacare closely resembles the No Child Left Behind program which was a bi-partisan school improvement program (Teddy Kennedy and George Bush) which the Dems fought tooth and nail and gutted every chance they could. Was fine then to do so but now the shoe is on the other foot.

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Sep-24-13 10:56 AM

Avoice: I don't remember shutting down the government over No Child Left Behind. Did we stop sending Social Security checks? Ruin our credit rating? Close National Parks? Look like idiots to the rest of the world?

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Sep-24-13 11:44 AM

There is not a nickel's worth of difference between the establishment republicans and the democrats in Washington at this point. The reason, they have all been there long enough to understand that they finally have the sheep corralled and manageable. Obamacare was the last blow to liberty and freedom in this country, and they know it. They will fight nastier and dirtier to keep Obamacare in force than you have ever seen them fight before. The only confusion for the RINO's is how to spin the message to seem like they have been all for this progressive thing all along, while acting like they oppose it.

Follow the money. It all leads to Washington, D.C. and is controlled by the ruling class. Svensota, you are a die hard progressive cheerleader. We get it. Here is a question. If, on the off chance, the conservatives ever take control of the government again, do you want them in control of your healthcare decisions?

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Sep-24-13 2:52 PM

*********TODAY'S CIVICS QUIZ**********

The proper way to stop a law is:

(a.) repeal it

(b.) not to pass it in the first place

(c.) win a majority in both houses of congress in the next election and then do (a).

(d.) defund it, and bring the government to a disastrous halt because you can't do (c) and you can't pull off (a).

(e.) elect Ted Cruz, Maximo Presidente-for-Life and declare the entire country to be a part of Texas.

Compare and contrast. Extra points for the winning essay. Svensota will be the only judge and his decisions are final and irrevocable, as always.

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Sep-24-13 3:30 PM

The only thing No Child Left Behind (passed in 2001) has to do with this is it demonstrates the GOP still understood how the Constitution works as recently as July. "The GOP majority passed legislation to replace the No Child Left Behind. The House bill rolls back much of the accountability requirements for the No Child Left Behind law. It also locks in lower levels of federal funding. The Obama administration threatened a veto." – Christian Science Monitor July 19, 2013.

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Sep-24-13 3:44 PM

Dems fought NCLB tooth and nail?

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 - House votes Aye - 185 Republicans, 197 Democrats. House votes Nay - 34 Republicans, 10 Democrats. Senate votes Aye - 43 Republicans, 47 Democrats. Senate votes Nay 6 Republicans, 2 Democrats.

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Sep-24-13 4:11 PM

******TODAY'S BUSINESS QUIZ*********

1.) When you decrease supply (doctor shortage of 133,000 by 2020 and current doctors jumping like rats off of a sinking ship), and increase demand (give health coverage to more people who have no incentive not to abuse it), you get:

A.) Lower prices and higher quality

B.) No change in prices and the same quality

C.) Higher prices and lower quality

D.) An unfair question because the quiz is racially biased

Hint: The correct answer on multiple choice questions with four options is "C" 63% of the time.

Bonus question: If you take over 1/5 of the U.S. economy and increase the prices in that sector, how long will it be before you control 1/4 of that economy?

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Sep-24-13 5:55 PM

Svensota- you forgot f - elect Barack Obama who only enforces laws which benefit his "supporters" and imposes Executive Orders for those who aren't his "supporters".

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Sep-24-13 6:28 PM

Grades so far...

Auntydem--near perfect, an A+

Puke--incomplete, off subject, and a tendency to plagiarize concepts of others--F

Avoice--may need a new supporter, keep trying--C

J.R.--absent, without an excuse

MIT--given extra time to look up biblical references and to develop indignant response

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Sep-24-13 6:33 PM

Parody is lost on only the most ignorant among us.

I will now translate svensota's comment:

The progressive agenda is moving forward, full steam ahead. Who cares about facts.

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Sep-24-13 7:08 PM

"If Obamacare is just going to be a total debacle, Republicans would let it take effect, ride the catastrophe to huge victories in the 2014 midterms, come back, use their massive Congressional majorities to repeal it... but they don't want to do that. Because the GOP's fear is not that the law will fail, it's that it will succeed." ~ Ezra Klein

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Sep-24-13 7:34 PM

The law has already failed in every conceivable way. This is the most epic failure in the history of mankind. What do you not get about that?

The 4-5 actual conservatives left in Washington are trying to save the rest of us from the ruling class. How much more blatant can this become?

Point to a single, actual success this law has created, anywhere, for anyone other than the ruling class and their financiers.

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Sep-24-13 7:59 PM

Or, as Hem was famous for saying, "The step up from writing parodies is writing on the wall above the urinal."

Try not to splatter, Puke.

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Sep-24-13 8:19 PM

I'm not part of the ruling class...yet, or one of their financiers, but I am grateful for two of the Affordable Health Care law's provisions:

a. the elimination of the monstrous "previous condition" clauses

b. the opportunity to keep a child on my health insurance policy until age 25

Probably neither of those provisions mean much to you, Puke, since you're underage. But you can place them in the success column.

So much for "failing in every conceivable way".

What do you not get about that?

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Sep-24-13 8:44 PM

I asked for actual benefits, not abstract potential benefits. My kids are not being raised to be perpetual, irresponsible children, and I certainly don't need government directives to raise them properly.

I understand the reason you had to make a joke out of my quiz post. You can't answer the question without once again exposing your progressive agenda, first, last and always.

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Sep-24-13 8:58 PM

Additionally, these business savants couldn't find a way to get those 2 benefits, abstract as they are, for less than a now projected $2.7 trillion?

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Sep-24-13 10:36 PM

"Ten Essential Benefits" must be included under all insurance plans:

• Emergency services • Hospitalizations • Laboratory services • Maternity care • Mental health and substance abuse treatment • Outpatient, or ambulatory care • Pediatric care • Prescription drugs • Preventive care • Rehabilitative and rehabilitative (helping maintain daily functioning) services • Vision and dental care for children

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Sep-24-13 10:37 PM

Whether your health insurance is purchased by you or your employer, the health law has outlawed practices that have left people without health insurance when they need it most. These protections include:

Curbs on canceling policies. Insurers can no longer cancel your policy if you get sick, a practice known as "rescission." They cannot cancel your coverage if you make an honest mistake on your application.

Rapid appeals. Consumers can appeal insurance company decisions to an independent reviewer and receive a response in 72 hours for urgent medical situations.

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