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Fiscal responsibility essential in budget deal

October 16, 2013

It appears the standoff between liberals and conservatives in Washington is nearing an end. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for the liberals Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky....

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Oct-18-13 7:24 PM

Now, now, JR. No dodge. Just getting started. A little perspective is a good thing.

The big problem is not the debt. The big problem is unemployment.

You guys want to slash and cut and reduce the debt and balance the budget while we're at 7+% unemployment.

It's ready, fire, aim. Over and over and over.

Just ask the Europeans how successful austerity has been.

Without the Republicans messing up our stimulus programs and cutting spending there's a good chance we would now be at 6% unemployment.

Not great but not awful.

Better to have the employed paying taxes than the unemployed collecting...unemployment.

But, it never sinks in with you guys.

First spend and get jobs going and then bring the budget into line.


You're welcome.

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Oct-18-13 5:09 PM

Obama has no plan for shrinking the debt , basically he has no idea how to run a lemonade stand. When the plane was falling from the sky , we decided to put the guy that drives the baggage carts around behind the controls of the plane because he talks good. He had no experience at running any business or managing people ,we put him in charge of the United States without vetting him. At least Hillary had prior experience being around Bill. Vote for the guy handing out the most candy, don't bother to look at qualifications. Who we elect is a reflection of our society , and it isn't very pretty. We elect people based on fame , not merit.

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Oct-18-13 3:55 PM

Nice dodge, Sven. The real first step to stop those whackos in congress is to put real reform on the table to curtail our runaway debt. You like your buddy Obama has failed to deliver.

Not only has he failed he now wants to repeal the sequester which has been the only token measure taken at all to slow the spending spree he's been on.

You need to try a little harder, Sven.

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Oct-18-13 12:39 PM


Thank you. You've come to the right guy for all the left answers.

First of all, let's reflect on this past week for a moment. Your pals on the right practiced economic terrorism. The House, infiltrated by about 40+Tea Party fascists, was unable and unwilling to do anything in the face of a global economic meltdown.

Now, thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. But the damage has been done in terms of the long term credibility of US securities--which will be reflected in higher rates paid on government debt.

Think of it as the TPers using a shotgun with a U-shaped barrel. They're all atwitter about the national debt, but their actions will have a damaging affect by actually increasing the national debt.

So, the first step in fixing the debt is to not let wackos hold the government hostage.

I don't think the Founding Fathers (bless 'em) intended for legislation to implemented at gunpoint.

But, maybe I'm being too critical.

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Oct-18-13 10:43 AM


Use some of your fabulous insight to enlighten all of us as to just how President Obama is going to shrink that massive debt load we all are carrying. Let's just start with the 7 trillion he's added since taking office. Since you are "in charge or something" this should be relativley easy for you.

While you're at it, why don't you also come up where the 621 billion in extra health care costs is going to come from American households thanks to Obamacare.

I'm sure glad you're around solving all of these government borne issues being put on all of us little guys.

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Oct-18-13 8:17 AM

Avoice, First of all your comment "get your jollies off" is childish and juvenile. I was only trying to point out the hypocrisy of ALL of these politicians screaming for less spending and smaller Government while what they really mean is smaller Government and less spending for everyone else except for their district or state. They all do it and it ***** no matter which side does it it is just that the Republicans routinely scream those mantras and not the Democrats.

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Oct-17-13 11:21 PM

Avoice: Jeepers! What a list!

Imagine how much better off we would have been if only The Maverick and The Babe had been elected in '08, or Slick and his sidekick, Skippy, last year.

Oh, the missed opportunities.

And, to think, they will continue...for years...and years...and years.

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Oct-17-13 10:17 PM

All I have heard is the Republicans are so irresponsible. Lets see, Benghazi, Syria, IRS, NSA, middleclass incomes down 8%, Obamacare, $17 trillion in debt - $7 trillion in 5 1/2 years and getting larger each day, Fast and Furious, not paying deceased soldiers family benefits, 11 million still looking for work, unemployment claims going up, so many items to list but the Republicans are not in charge.

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Oct-17-13 10:08 PM

japanviking techically it was not an earmark as such. This project has been funded for many years and has continually run over budget for many years. Now, the persons who were involved in including this project amount was Senator Feinstein of CA along with Senator Alexander. So get your jollies off blaming those two.

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Oct-17-13 4:45 PM

"svensota, svensota! How did you know that all this debt-ceiling hubbub was going to come out in favor of the Democrats? You're brilliant."

"Yes. Yes, I am. Thank you."

"No, really, you called it two weeks ago. You said, 'Just sit back and watch the right wing nuts self-destruct.'"

"Yes. Yes, I did. Something like that."

"But, please, svensota. How did you know?"

"Fabulous insight, unerring analysis, and a deep understanding of The American People."

"Wow! You should be, like, in charge of something."

"Yes. I am."

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Oct-17-13 1:24 PM

Actually the 3 billion was just one of five pieces of attached pork and guess which state the 3 billion goes to? Kentucky. Who is from Kentucky? Oh yeah, Mitch McConnell. I am shocked!

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Oct-17-13 12:26 PM

The only ones to proclaim victory is all this are the Senators, since it was their compromise bill, who were able to add $3 billion in earmarks for thier states in this agreementt.

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