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Dahlberg hopes to face Franken in fall

Poll says he’s top IR challenger

February 2, 2014

MANKATO — A flat tire in Mankato prevented U.S....

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Feb-06-14 7:49 PM

Avoice: Well, good luck with that.

If Dahlberg is the best the GOPpers can come up with, then it will be another six, albeit low-key, years with Senator/Comedian/Harvardian Al Franken.

So much for "taking back" the Senate this year.

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Feb-06-14 11:35 AM

Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken were instrumental in getting the medical device tax included in the ACA. Then they introduced, in the Senate, a bill for deletion of tax. Both have to go as they represented DC, not MN.

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Feb-06-14 7:32 AM

Oh, got it!! Thanks for coming out and saying it. So the old saying is true: those who can, can and those who can't, go into politics. However, the cans sure seem to be supporting the can'ts more and more every day.

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Feb-05-14 9:29 PM


I think you miss the whole point of U.S. Senator Franken's election and term in office.

He's a statement. He's not supposed to do anything. He's there to let the rest of the country know that Minnesota has had enough, and if Congress is going to engage in nonsense, then we, as a highly intelligent and sophisticated electorate, can out-buffoon the buffoons.

Senator Franken is doing the job we sent him to Washington to do: practically nothing.

Got it, now?

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Feb-05-14 2:54 PM

I don't see Al Franken doing ANYTHING. Klobuchar, Walz, Sheran all seem to be doing something, whether one agrees with them or not. Al Franken is a very average legislator and leader. He got elected because of his party vs his ability to lead and legislate. Again, waiting for someone to give an example of what he's done since elected...

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Feb-05-14 11:26 AM

The Koch brothers work very hard to push legislation that takes rights away from working Americans. I don't see Al Franken pushing for lower wages and more tax breaks for millionaires.

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Feb-05-14 8:06 AM

And I suppose Franken and the Dems are getting all their money from the poor people and middle class families that they claim they represent. MCW-check their money trails and you'll see just as ugly a truth. It doesn't matter the party, the money comes from special interest.

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Feb-04-14 6:46 PM

The Koch Brothers own Georgia-Pacific. Follow the money trail from Mr. Dahlberg and I bet it leads straight to his masters.

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Feb-04-14 12:57 PM

Oh, fiddle-faddle, JR.

Everyone knows that the only true qualification for the Senate...or Presidency, for that a degree from Harvard.

For example:

President Obama--check

"W"--check (Phillips, Yale, Harvard...WOW!)


Ted Cruz--check

Chris Dahlberg--U of M at Duluth...huh?

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Feb-04-14 12:38 PM

Franken didn't become a professional comedian until after he was elected to the senate. The joke is on all of us Minnesotans. He was a "Satirist" before that which makes him somehow uniquely qualified to be a U.S. senator. Did Franken obtain his immense leadership skills by being the president of the local Satirist Club ? Did he learn how to draft a bill by his technically charged writing expertise with Playboy ?

I know Sven, you wouldn't know you only look at the pictures.

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Feb-03-14 10:20 PM

I think a guy who worked at the Georgia-Pacific Superwood plant in Duluth would make a perfect state senator.

Oh...he's...he's...not thinking U.S. Senate, is he?

But, if he wins, maybe Dahlberg will make a whiz-bang speech at the Republican Party nominating convention in 2016 and then be swept into the Presidency in 2020.

Think of it: America's first superwood plant president!

Nah...that could never happen. I think you have to be a community organizer first, or something...

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Feb-03-14 9:42 PM

I'm sure he's a hit at the after-hours parties, but again I ask: what has he done or spear-headed in his time? This goes for ANY politician, no matter the party, look at their record and leadership (or lack there of) and vote based on that instead of Rep or Dem.

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Feb-03-14 12:01 AM

Has any other state ever sent a professional comedian to the U.S. Senate? They send a lot of amateurs (see Ted Cruz), but we've got the real deal with Senator Franken.

I say, stick with the proven shtick.

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Feb-02-14 12:09 PM

A friend of mine bought a new Ford 150 and has had two flat tires in the first 150 miles. So,yes it happens to anyone.

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Feb-02-14 9:56 AM

Name one thing that Franken has spear-headed in his time? Now see if you can name something without looking up his voting record online? Franken is a great voter, just not a forward leader.

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Feb-02-14 9:47 AM

Anyone can get a flat tire, even brand new tires can go flat. Being a lawyer has often been ridiculed, but it is an unfair generalization. There are many good honest lawyers. Senator Franken has not earned re-election based on what he has done. Voting for the Affordable Health Care Act is reason enough to vote against him.

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Feb-02-14 1:49 AM

In my book Dahlberg has two strikes against him in my book. First of all he is a lawyer, and second of all I sure don't want anyone representing me if he can't even keep the tires on his car in good shape!! In my 60+ years I have never had to use tires as an excuse......

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