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Water park? Is it really needed?

February 12, 2014

To the editor: The front page story in Tuesday’s Journal, has a headline about the perceived need for a water park in New Ulm....

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Feb-23-14 2:04 PM

I am a out of Towner. I make frequent trips to your fair City. I love the town that is why I keep coming back. Whether you need a water park, I know not. But one thing I do know is that Denny Warta is a great guy! I got to know him over the years. He has been kind and pleasant to me if I see him around town. He is always promoting New Ulm and helping out at different events during the year. So you can disagree with him on this issue, but He is a New Ulm treasure in my eyes. It is sad that a good man like him is trashed by some in his community!

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Feb-15-14 2:33 PM

oops-meant carrying your child the whole time at vogel. And again, there is no where in NU that you can take a child during the day to run off steam in the winter. Not even to the vogel that everyone says we should use-they are open during the week when 7pm-9pm-that is when I want to take my 2 yr swimming-at bedtime. Why cant we have the old gym at the Junior High to make for little kids to play at during the day when the older kids are off at school. I mean, with all the referendums, we basically are the ones who paid for that building, let us now use it! This town is so geared at the older German resident and anytime anything comes up for them we jump to do it. If there is a suggestion for younger kids all we hear is it isn't needed. Shop NU-why if we don't get what we want and all our shopping local pays for stuff for just 1/2 of the population. You didn't want Target, you didn't want Walmart, then you didn't want Menards- yep they ruined our town--OR did they bring it back to life

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Feb-15-14 2:27 PM

people can say we have enough but we have enough in NU for who. So we have 2-3 outdoor wading pools that only kids up to 3yrs can go so if you have older kids, you can not go as a family. Then you want to take your family to the vogel (if you can make it work when they are actually open), and the bigger kids can swim fine but you are caring your 2 yr old the whole time because there isn't an end shallow enough for them to stand, oh that is always fun and relaxing for the parents. Yes, we have Flandrau in the summer for the whole family. good luck finding a spot on the shallow end for the little ones and for your other child, keep on eye on that one for they don't sneak down to the river and drown when you are trying to watch your 2-3 yr old in the water. But yes we have enough. Good thing we have a million dollar pond for people to go there to watch music-they kids love this better than an outdoor pool for everyone to go to and be safe. I do agree, we need an all year area.

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Feb-14-14 8:53 PM

Sorry for all the typos. I'm not liking the autocorrect on this phone. Buy should be by.

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Feb-14-14 4:09 PM

Neither would a Senior Citizens Center, or a Runnings or Menard's or any other one facility. They all add to the quality of life as a whole.

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Feb-14-14 9:29 AM

If I would be deciding to stay or go , I don't think a waterpark would have much to do with my decision.

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Feb-14-14 9:19 AM

How much will your taxes go up and your housing values drop if young families no longer look at New Ulm as a viable place to raise their family? I look at the people I went to school with and many of them are in Minnesota, but few are living in New Ulm. Went do you suppose that is? Maybe if we extended Bavarian Blast to two weekends, families would stay.

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Feb-14-14 8:35 AM

mnsotn, you don't have one tax paid off and we are already looking to spend future tax? I take it with your suggestion that should just become a permanent tax. That sounds like big government , how about we pay it off and return to normal instead of having 3 water features in New Ulm ,and that's not counting the two smaller waterparks we already put in. Next thing Flandrau and the indoor pool will be complaining they have reduced incomes due to the third feature and we have to subsidize or eliminate one of them.

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Feb-14-14 8:01 AM

It's called creativity and problem solving. They just took their budget overages and put them into the concord singers, battalion, etc. remember?? There are budgets that we can pull and balance from to pay for this stuff. It's just like running a business, cost/benefit analysis instead of just adding to the top. This takes time, creativity, ability to make some tough decisions, not making everyone happy, etc. The city budget is large, intricate, and diverse. Our reps can sit and figure this out, otherwise, are they qualified to be there?

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Feb-14-14 7:47 AM

If they use the 1/2% sales tax once the civic center, senior center and field house are paid off, then it won't be new tax, it won't burden anybody, and our of town shoppers will be paying for it as well.

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Feb-14-14 7:01 AM

There is only one way it gets done , tax money . The people of N.U. have to decide they want higher taxes in their town. There is no magic fund that it comes from , if you borrow the money to do it you are putting it on your kids to pay for it.

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Feb-14-14 4:44 AM

I grew up in New Ulm during the time when the outdoor pool at German Park was open and you could swim all afternoon for a nickel. I had some of the best times of my life there and the swimming, as well as biking to the pool, provided lifetime benefits of fitness and socialization. There should be a way to get it done.

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Feb-13-14 6:33 PM

I think this town would benefit more from a water park then it does from folks like Mr.Warta.

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Feb-13-14 4:03 PM

I can agree and disagree with the last comments. No, we don't want to throw debt on the future generations, but yes, we want future generations here. I grew up in the NU learning at a young age that the outdoor pool was closing. At that age I thought my life was over. I have yet to use German Park. Fundraising or private investment may be the answer, but can you imagine the comment thread on here if a private investor wants to open an indoor or outdoor water park? NU has spent money on some very foolish things. Need and want . . . we need to provide for young families and give our youth a reason to want to come back and make this town better.

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Feb-13-14 1:49 PM

Whoo hoo, lets all go to the Holiday Inn (soon to be a Best Western) and take turns going down the water slide. Really?

Don't worry, Mr. Warta, the Lazy River and toddler areas of a waterpark are usually quite shallow so that vertically challenged people can use them, too.

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Feb-13-14 1:44 PM

Mr. Warta, you will be happy to know that I took your advise many years ago. I bought my water softener in Mankato. I hope you're proud of me :)

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Feb-13-14 11:03 AM

How many days out of the year can you use an outdoor water park ,also take out for bad weather days and cool weather , it sounds neat up front , but I will guarantee it adds to your property taxes for maintenance and upkeep. I don't live in New Ulm , but I would be concerned about all these people with the loose checkbooks if I did. You could erect a monument to yourselves to signify what a great accomplishment you did , don't be surprised if your kids move away because they can't afford to live there. The simplest solution would be to raise the money first or perhaps talk Holiday Inn into putting a slide in their building instead of throwing it on future generations to pay for.

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Feb-13-14 10:57 AM

Seems to me like there must be a lot of rich people in New Ulm. You are proposing a new school that costs a $150,000 house $4,999 over 25 years and you need another water feature. You have Kraft and 3M complaining about utility costs already , let's just tack on to their property taxes some more ( I'm sure that will help in their decision to stay in New Ulm). We have become a society of need shiny new objects to make ourselves feel good and are willing to run up the credit card , and hope our kids will pay for it over the next 25 years. Show me a study that proves that dollars spent equals a quality education, and that a 50 year old brick and mortar building is obsolete. So that would mean the $45 million dollar building would cost us $1 million dollars a year without maintenance and utilities? We need to live within our means and quit burdening our children with our live for the moment purchases.

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Feb-13-14 9:19 AM

Maybe Mr. Warta the self proclaimed local historian can quit living in the past and think about the future of New Ulm and its youth.

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Feb-13-14 9:07 AM

Mr. Warta-I heard they will have a water feature when you enter the park that will have water shooting out of Herman's sword. The concession stand will feature the Turner Ladies selling kraut, landjaggers and seasonal brew from our local brewery. The Concord Singers will perform every day at noon, which is included in the price of admission. Before the kids enter, they must sit through a 45 minute history lesson of New Ulm. You ok with in now?

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Feb-13-14 8:15 AM

The "need" you're referring to is trying to attract and keep younger families in NU. So, yes, a water park is somewhat a "need". Just like church - if you don't hear cryin', you're dyin'. A dog park is a great, inexpensive amenity that promotes community activity and interaction.

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Feb-13-14 1:39 AM

And we need a dog park, a frisbee golf park, a junk tree down on MN street, rags hanging across MN street. All they did was talk about it. We had a a place to play hockey but that was not good enough we needed 2 more and 1 needed to be an Olympic size. Build it they will come. Maybe we could put the water park by that big money maker Hermann

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Feb-12-14 9:38 PM

This coming from a Senior. Maybe we should close the Senior Center in New Ulm too. Seniors can use the Senior Center in Sleepy Eye. And as for the pool at Flandrau State's not the type of crowd I usually want my kids hanging around.

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Feb-12-14 6:47 PM

If an investor hasn't built one in Mankato yet, I doubt they will build one in New Ulm.

Do we need a water park? No. We also don't need a hockey arena, or a Glockenspiel, or Christmas lights on Minnesota Street, either. We WANT these things because they make New Ulm a nicer place to live and a private investor isn't going to provide these things. I water park would attract more tourism dollars than Bavarian Blast or Hermann Monument. Local hotels could offer Winter getaway packages.

I would only support this if the daily operating expenses could be covered by the admission fees, or at least come close.

On another note, it would be nice if families and daycares could buy season passes to the wading pools. I think they would get used a lot more.

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Feb-12-14 5:12 PM

Maybe get community input on ideas. Maybe rather than an outdoor pool or water park, build an indoor recreational facility for kids to play year round, leaving Vogel available for swimming lessons and fitness programs. Something similar to what you would find in a hotel with dump bucket, lazy river tubing and big tube water slides. Fun place for tourists and locals, birthday parties, etc. Maybe a private business could develop instead of the city/taxpayers. Something like that would be popular and go over well I think.

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