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Sleepy Eye community mourns victims

Prayer service, candlelight vigil held

March 9, 2014

SLEEPY EYE — Several hundred people attended a prayer service Saturday evening at St....

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Mar-11-14 1:44 PM

I didn't mean to imply you looked at god as a vending machine in the sky. I interpret it that way when people pray for favors and then say things like "with the grace of god my house (child,husband etc) was spared, cured, etc. It's an analogy, albeit an uncomfortable one I guess. I don't think that if there is an outside deity of sorts, it works that way. It baffles me. I don't for one minute dispute anyone's right to get strength or inspiration how they see fit for themselves. I just question some of the logic when phrases such as that are used. Additionally everyone is different, Christian or not. We can't lump everyone together in their beliefs or non-beliefs. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sort of almost springy weather!

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Mar-11-14 12:42 PM

Bindle - We do not believe that God is a supernatural vending machine that dispenses favors. Can't believe you actually said that. We do believe He is everywhere, all-knowing and all-powerful and....... inside of us, as you stated. We do believe we are all part of His plan, and I am sorry you find that ludicrous.

I know many people are aware of the Hadley's losing two children in such a short time. What I wanted you to witness was what they wrote in Tyler's obituary. It was powerful and healing for everyone. To have such awesome faith as they do in the God we Christians believe in is amazing. God bless.

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Mar-10-14 7:49 PM

Actually to further reveal seeing we are talking...I don't believe god is an outside entity but rather an inner force for love and good that we can reach in and get. To me that was Jesus' message about God being in us. He is not a supernatural vending machine dispensing favors. It is interesting to share food for thought here even if we don't agree. Thank you all.

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Mar-10-14 7:46 PM

GrandmaD, thank you for your nice response. I truly am not trying to start an argument, especially during times like this, but it is something that bothers and baffles me and while it seems like a cop out to say "god's plan" to me, it obviously works for others. I am aware of Hadley' loss of their daughter and that makes it doubly ludicrous when people say "these things happen for a reason." I am also very aware of how faith gets people through as it is very important to my mom and I see it makes her stronger. Each person approaches god in their own way. There is no right way.

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Mar-10-14 7:40 PM

GopherState I can only speak for myself when I find the idea that God is in control silly. Christians seem to pick and choose when they believe he is in control or not. We have free will, yet there is a plan. He didn't decide children should die and yet, there is a plan. It's all so contradictory. I certainly do not know what is best for you, but I know what makes sense to me. I do, however know everyone has the best intentions in sad circumstances such as this.

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Mar-10-14 5:41 PM

So by your reasoning, Bindle, God is not in control. I realize that you feel you know better, and as human beings,that is a natural reaction in times like these.

God is in control. We do not always understand, but someday we will.

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Mar-10-14 5:10 PM

Bindle - I respect your opinion and do understand where you are coming from. It's difficult for me to put into words and, perhaps, I didn't word my post the correct way. I am just trying to convey the importance of God in the life of a Christian. I live for my faith and truly believe my God is the major player in the big picture and plan for all of us. I have no doubt.

I would ask that you go online and read the obituary for Tyler Hadley which will be in tomorrow's Journal. The Hadley's lost a daughter June 5, 2013, just nine months and three days before they lost Tyler. Their faith became stronger when they lost Kaylie and will be even stronger with the loss of Tyler. I'm sure that does not hold true for everyone, but for most Christians, it does.

The message I am trying to get across is that as Christians, God and faith sustain us through everything. It is awesome for us. I thank you for respecting that, even though you can't find logic in it. God bless.

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Mar-10-14 3:33 PM

I am saying making assumptions and saying things like God's will or plan may not be helpful. In fact when my brother was killed in an accident a very well-meaning relative said he was in a better place. She believed that but it brought me no comfort. I fail to understand how one can say they believe God has a plan, then in the same breath say except for natural disasters and death, and that we make our own choices. It makes no sense to me and I was born and raised Catholic. The things people say after a tornado for instance that flattens a neighborhood but a couple houses have no damage such as "by the grace of God our house is still there." Really? God said your neighbor's house should be destroyed but you on the other hand, you're ok. I do not mean to imply people who think God has a plan should not believe it. That is the beauty of living in the USA. I am apparently looking for logic where there is none.

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Mar-10-14 12:46 PM

cont... All of these young men's families are Christians, Catholic and Lutheran. They are feeling anger, betrayal, helplessness and disbelief. Yet, they still turn to their God and their faith because as Christians, their faith in God is their ultimate healer.

The prayer services and vigils and spiritual support of their community and churches and those of surrounding communities and churches define their faith and give them the strength they need.

As Christians, our God and our faith sustain us spiritually and physically in tragic times and in good times. Non-Christians do not understand that, and that is okay. For we Christians, our God and our faith are powerful.

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Mar-10-14 12:33 PM

No one told these parents that God chose to kill their sons. As MCW stated, Christians believe that God has a plan for us. We do not always understand what His plan for us is, but our faith teaches us to trust in our God.

As a Christian, I believe that God created the world and its people. Christians believe that Christ died to allow for people to make their own choices. God doesn't force them to make choices. God, also, doesn't choose for natural disasters and suffering to happen. It happens. Some things we are in control of and some things we are not.

My faith is often tested when tragedies happen, and I wonder why my all-powerful God doesn't intervene. That is, also, when my faith gives me strength to get through tragedies and disasters. cont...

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Mar-10-14 9:34 AM

Sorry, there is no reason for this and telling a mom and dad that "God" chose to kill their child that day is hardly comforting. Although I know it makes many people feel better somehow to believe this. We do what we can to make sense where there is none but this idea makes the least sense of all. My heart goes out to these families and the boys friends.

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Mar-10-14 2:18 AM

Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for all of us. We do not always understand why, but it is all part of His plan. These 4 young men are in Paradise today.

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Mar-09-14 1:27 PM

This is a horrible tragedy. But god does not pick and choose who lives and who dies. There is no master plan.What sense would that make? It was an accident involving icy road conditions.That is all there is to understand in my opinion. The god that is within us all can pull forth the strength and compassion to support our friends during this extremely difficult time. Doing for other and showing love is faith in action.

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