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Weir comments on coaching decision

April 4, 2014

To the editor: This is in response to The Journal article concerning the hiring of a new Legion Gold coach for this season. Bryce Boelter and I were looking forward to coaching again this summer....

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Apr-11-14 6:52 PM

If I understand it right. A group of parents took a complaint to the board (it really doesn't matter if it's signed or not) it's up to the board to investigate it to see if it has merit or not. The board then must have decided the complaint had merit and then decided they wanted Weir back but not his assistant. (They pay the bills, they have every right) Then Weir wanted it his way with his coaches or he would quit. So the board said "see ya." Then Weir reconsidered and wanted the job back and the board said "no". I respect Mr. Weir but this was a bad move, if you didn't plan on following thru. I don't understand the fuss. You basically played poker and they called your bluff. They hired a new coach. Wish him well and move on.

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Apr-11-14 10:53 AM

Why was the previous blog with the names of the parents and board members involved removed from the comments? Those statements were factual and the order of events concise. Two quality coaches were fired because of the hateful actions of these parents and board members. The statements made in that blog were not full of question or inuendo. They were informative and to the point. The actions of those parents should not be tolerated in youth sports or any other sports venue. As for the other legion board members and president who voted to bow to these parents you have made a laughing stock of our legion baseball program. I believe the board president should answer all of your blogs and any other questions regarding this matter.

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Apr-11-14 10:32 AM

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Apr-11-14 9:17 AM

I remember hearing last year that, for whatever reason, a handful of starters on the NUHS team were not going to play Legion ball. I don't suppose that has anything to do with this? Helicopter parents and spoiled kids.. Good luck Jeremy!

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Apr-10-14 3:20 PM

There is a silver lining in all of this. At least they did not hire ET for this job. That would have been a DISASTER!!!!

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Apr-10-14 11:00 AM

I always thought that the Legion board members were old military guys? Guess not, they wear panties!

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Apr-10-14 9:43 AM

Agree with heynow. If you are going to call out the names, your own name should have been signed at the bottom. You can still post it.

I am still wondering where to look for that list of who is currently on the board.

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Apr-09-14 11:50 PM

Whiteout - you could be just throwing out names...what proof do you have. Are you a board member? If so, nice code of ethics. Is this hearsay? If so, nice moral values by calling out people and not putting your own name behind it. I call that chicken @&$?.

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Apr-09-14 10:44 PM

Honda1: Whether Bob Weier is a great or good coach is a matter of personal opinion, but he did coach a team of Cathedral baseball players to a state baseball championship, and state championships often take decades to win.

I don't put much stock in HoundAlumni's opinion: If HoundAlumni would have been open to learning how to throw a change-up while at Cathedral, he might have been a part of another Cathedral championship team. When HoundAlumni took his scorching fastball to college, the first thing his college coaches told him to do was develop a change-up, the same thing that his Cathedral coaches told him he needed to do.

As for anonymous letters and meddling parents influencing of the Legion's coaching decision, it's more proof that the best youth athletes to coach reside in orphanages.

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Apr-09-14 10:42 PM

Unreal, I would have told those parents, Fine See Ya the inmates are indeed running the asylum

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Apr-09-14 7:53 PM

Question. Did these 4 sets of parents ever talk to the coach?? Because we have always been told that if we have a problem with the coach, talk to him or her first. And the whole unsigned letter should never have been read to begin with. If you can't sign your name to something like that, forget it.

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Apr-09-14 7:47 PM

Wow. The board felt threatened. Those kids and parents should have been told to take a hike then. Are they really NOT going to play their senior year and if so, their choice. Seriously unbelievable what parents do. I would like to hear more what Weier did to the kids to make them feel that way.

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Apr-09-14 5:38 PM

Oh Bob, so the Legion Teams have been mediocre with you at the Helm. HoundAlumni said best " Your a decent coach, but a great coach No! "

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Apr-09-14 1:29 PM

Thanks for enlightening me Jessica, you are always a wealth of information

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Apr-08-14 10:43 PM

Does the legion have a website that gives out the name of the pres and who is on the board? I have tried googling but have not had any success.

Also, one question that I had is from seeing the sign up sheet for legion ball. You are asked what high school you attend. Why does that matter? That question bothered me especially if all are treated the same.

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Apr-08-14 10:30 PM

Jessicab1976, not sure where you got your numbers from, but I would venture to say that Cathedral has more than 15 to 18 total kids out for baseball. You can look online at their varsity roster snd see they have 11 on varsity, and I am pretty sure they have a JV team so at least 9 on that. I dont think they can play both Varsity and JV because most of the games are same day and time.

Also with that many public kids (22) on c squad, add mvl and cathedral kids, maybe vfw can get back to 3 teams this year. Anyone know who will be coaching VFW? Is that the same process as Legion. Apply/hire, or is it volunteers?

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Apr-08-14 1:23 PM

careaboutsivelright-Our baseball numbers at St. Paul's and MVL (where my allegiance is at, so don't tie me in with your detestation towards NU Public) are fair to good and have not seen any major decline for years. My neighbor's boy is a freshman at NU Public and said they have 22 freshman on his c squad team! He said the varsity had so many Jr.'s and Sr.'s that they created a JV team this year. Counter that with a rumored numbers in the range of 15-18 TOTAL kids out for baseball at CHS grades 9-12? Add to that since Weier took over as the Legion Gold coach, we no longer can field two Legion teams. Weier is dismissed prior to sign ups and we are rumored to have enough again for two teams. Do you see a correlation here?

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Apr-08-14 11:10 AM

dont worry once a new school is built they will be unbeatable

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Apr-07-14 8:10 PM

Baseball? Kids still play that game? Hey Bob, sit back collect the checks and enjoy retirement!

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Apr-07-14 3:44 PM

thinkbeforeyoutalk, you just had to go there didn't you...however, you just proved you don't think before you talk...NUHS has 19 state appearances, the most in state history. That's 1 title, 2 runner up finishes, 7 third place finishes and 5 Cons. Championships...with an overall record of 30 and 20...and that's from playing weak teams in the SCC all year...I guess that would mean Ceder Mountain/Comfrey, Butterfield, Springfield and Red Rock Central are true power houses. I thank you in advance for opening that can of worms. Give NUHS's program credit. Wow, You truly are a beauty.

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Apr-07-14 3:24 PM

SDSUJRabbits1996: The article was a mistake because it gave people like you--armed with a keyboard, internet and an eagerness to trash two reputable baseball people--the opportunity to do that publicly and anonymously. You called two people you have never met "classless" and said they were "full of themselves" among other things, based on a choppy and meandering article. You're a real man.

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Apr-07-14 1:11 PM

Newulm67 you don't here it because a large amount of those wins were against teams in the south central conference that were and still are terrible. Not to mention only one state title when you had the caliber of players he had to work with later in his career. It isn't his fault either it just skews those 700 plus a little.

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Apr-07-14 12:40 PM

You never heard the retired New Ulm High School baseball coach who has over 700 career wins brag about his accomplishment in the paper like the coach here does. Everyone here needs to accept the decision and move on positively for the betterment of all of New Ulm baseball.

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Apr-07-14 12:06 PM

Yeah but its NEW ULM BASEBALL!!! we are a feeder program for, oh wait never mind.

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Apr-07-14 10:14 AM

PoliticalPuck-You tear me apart for giving my and my "daddy's" views of the September article, but now you state the article was probably a mistake. My point exactly. You are right, I don't know either of these two, hence why I choose to write what I did. I never made any comments on the ability of these two to coach baseball, as that wouldn't be fair as I don't know either one of them. I will conclude with piggy backing on what "KatoBaseball" stated. If Weier has had success at the level he coaches, it would be rather self-centered of him to not acknowledge the feeder program which I assume the majority of his kids came from Jr. Baseball.

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