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Weir comments on coaching decision

April 4, 2014

To the editor: This is in response to The Journal article concerning the hiring of a new Legion Gold coach for this season. Bryce Boelter and I were looking forward to coaching again this summer....

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Apr-04-14 11:57 AM

The three sets of parents and the fourth individual who engineered the removal of Mssrs. Weier and Boelter did their own kids no favors. Karma will illustrate that to you in its own time. But know this: You have to travel a long way on a two-lane highway to find two fellows who know more about baseball than Weier and Boelter, and no coaches were more dedicated to the idea of making New Ulm a Citadel of Baseball Excellence.

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Apr-04-14 1:40 PM

Can the Journal release the names of the players and there parents so we know who to blame for poor coaching this year.Did these 4 kids not get their way so they tell there parents to get a coach that will let them get their spoiled butts on the field.

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Apr-04-14 1:41 PM

I heard the new ulm legion is having other issues besides this.

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Apr-04-14 10:39 PM

Glad to see Jeremy Drexler will be taking over as the Legion Gold coach. Jeremy will never show or pretend to be bigger then the game itself. Ego and arrogance will not be found this year in the coaching boxes. Hopefully Jeremy can provide some stability to the Legion Gold team as its seen its fair share of coaches come and go in recent years. Knowing Jeremy, he will collaborate with the three high school baseball programs, as well as the Jr. Baseball program in an effective, professional and productive manner.

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Apr-04-14 10:56 PM

You choose to write a letter to the editor about this for something that 0.045% percent of the Journal readership even cares about?

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Apr-05-14 8:44 AM

As a former player of Bryce and Bob, I must say this is a let down! You will not find two better coaches out there! Jeremy will be a good fit, but has a tendency to be a players best friend, and from experience I know that never works. Honestly its time to take a look at the real problem that lies within the legion board itself. Truly disappointed in this decision.

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Apr-05-14 9:03 AM

Its really very simple, the parents who wrote the unsigned letter were from New Ulm Public and thought Weier had too many Cathedral kids playing so lets get a new person.

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Apr-05-14 10:29 AM

Zero ties to any school right now with two young boys (1 & 3). Kids will be attending NUACS in furture years. I played college baseball at the D2 level and will be involved at the youth baseball level as my son's move up the ranks. My Dad is a recently retired HS baseball coach in Wisconsin of 26 years and currently volunteers as an assistant coach for the youth program where he and my Mother live in the summer. When the article came out last year in Journal I forwarded it to my Dad. Both him and I had the same reaction....that it was in extreme poor taste, classless, showed disrespect towards not only the youth organization, but other baseball organizations as well. It really came off to both us that Mr. Weier and Mr. Boelter are full of themselves. My opinion didn't change when Mr. Weier had to boast about his success the past seasons in this article as well. Just a non New Ulmite outsider looking at it from an unbiased opinion.

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Apr-05-14 12:30 PM

Bob is a class act and knows the game of baseball. Too bad Junior Baseball is so thin skinned that they can't take a little productive criticism.

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Apr-05-14 1:07 PM

Every year legion coaches are required to apply or reapply for coaching positions. No coach is guaranteed their coaching spot back - they are hired on a year-to-year contract. Like the decision or not, we have to respect that decision. They are the governing board. But one question I think that the committee needs to answer is why last year in the district tournament was the team that played New Ulm allowed to play in a legion tournament WITHOUT BIRTH CERTIFICATES AND LEGION PATCHES ON THEIR UNOFORMS?

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Apr-05-14 3:36 PM

SDSUJRabbits1996: Glad you and daddy came to the same conclusion. I suspect it's a common occurrence. Did daddy ever tell you not to believe everything you read? That's common knowledge and kind of important to know. The article that so offended you may or may not have accurately reflected the sentiments of the quoted coaches. The paper didn't even spell Mr. Weier's name right when this letter appeared. Can you see how an article can mislead a reader? Did daddy ever teach you to judge a person on how that person treats you personally, what others say be darned? That's important, too. Did daddy teach you how to throw mud on the character of people you don't even know, and then hide behind a curtain of anonymity while doing it? That's one lesson you absolutely have to learn. You won't become a man until you do.

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Apr-05-14 3:42 PM

So Bob was hired, not Bryce by a 9-6 vote? Then the President of the board said no way when Bob said he would consider the job? Sounds like the Prez has issues with these two coaches. An unsigned letter?? Then this SDSU writer comments on something he has no clue to what he is saying. I found nothing in this letter that is offending, or boastful. Look at the success, numbers don't lie.

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Apr-05-14 5:38 PM

NU baseball especially Junior Baseball could learn an awful lot by checking out Searles, Essig or Courtland. Those small towns know how to teach the game, what your last name is or where in New Ulm you live doesnt make any difference if you play or if you make a traveling team.

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Apr-05-14 10:32 PM

Why are some of you authors so intent of making out Bob and Bryce as the founding fathers of the game of baseball? As a former player of Bob's to, I would say Bob is a decent coach, but a great coach, no! I played for a great coach in the fall, Denny Lux!

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Apr-06-14 10:27 AM

"Did daddy ever teach you to judge a person on how that person treats you personally"...quite apparent that daddy didn't teach someone grammar.

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Apr-06-14 10:37 AM

Why was an unsigned letter even read at the meeting? If those ppl really had a problem, why not come forward? An unsigned letter is cowardly-just my opinion!

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Apr-06-14 5:03 PM

Politicalpuck, real classy response. I'm sure you've never read something about a political figure that you didn't know that you certainly didn't believe...don't look now but your ignorance is showing...and lay off the word daddy...tad bit creepy. On the county ball comment, they have their problems as well. Bottom line, Weier and Boelter aren't the coaches anymore...except it and move on. Change is good.

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Apr-06-14 6:51 PM

HEYNOW: You wrote "except it and move on." I believe you meant to write, "accept it and move on." You're welcome.

Guess69: The sentence is grammatically correct, but I wouldn't expect you to know the difference. Let me put it you in the language of "Yah Heys," which you probably understand: "Did your old man ever learn you to judge somebody on the way they treat you, and who gives a $%#@! what anyone else thinks?"

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Apr-06-14 10:39 PM

Like another individual posted this makes me wonder more about what is going on with the board members than what Bob and Bryce said. Anyone who has played with Either of these coaches comes away with and either love them or hate them attitude. I can honestly say I loved them. I played for Bob a lot longer but both had an impact. Just because some kids/parents don't like a coach doesn't mean they are bad. Sometimes when coaches are hard on players it is because they are expecting more from them than they are giving. Is bob the best at teaching the fundamentals no but like he is stating this should already be done. When they get to his level they should already know how to field and throw and swing a bat. Bob is great at teaching how to play the game which is completely different. I played for Bob directly for about 5 years and I have the utmost respect for him and the way he treats his players. If you have a crappy attitude and don't want to play the game then you won't simple as that.

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Apr-06-14 10:55 PM

To the person who says he wasn't a great coach I would like to hear what you definition of a great coach really is. I'm not going to take anything away from Mr. Lux as a coach either but how can you say anything bad about Bob when he has won how many conference, sub-section and section titles. Then add in the one state title. If you look at the team that won state surrounding that unfortunately was SE St. Mary's. How often did Cathedral lose to them in the Section Championship game. I would say most. You can look at that and say if Cathedral wins instead they would have won State as well. Most of those games were separated by just a couple of runs.

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Apr-06-14 11:07 PM

Now take into consideration his summer programs. VFW Gold to begin with he ran that team very well. It didn't matter what school you were from you got played based on your abilities. If you want to look at titles won there it is pretty difficult to do because he was up against the jr. legion team which really wasn't a competition for them when they played gold which wasn't at all his fault. I have played for a lot of coaches in my lifetime a couple great some good and some horrible. His level of dedication to the game is something we need and should keep in the game in the New Ulm area. All this being said I think Jeremy Drexler will be a good fit for Legion Gold. He is an experienced coach from high school and amateur baseball. He will be able to share some very valuable information on these kids that he has learned himself. Good luck Jeremy and I hope you can make these kids aspire to be great players especially from little on from the success your kids have.

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Apr-07-14 1:27 AM

I served on the MAYBA (Mankato Area Youth Baseball Association) board for 15 years, leaving my post a couple of years ago. We have always had a ton of respect for NU Jr. Baseball. I was altered to last years letter from the NU Legion coach and his assistant by one of our high school coaches over here who is a family friend of mine. I can

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Apr-07-14 1:51 AM

continued.....say for certainty that if one of our HS or Legion coaches used a local media outlet as did Coach Weier to make disparaging remarks about our board, a board like NU Jr. Baseball comprised of members that put in countless hours, etc., the end result would have probably been the same as it was for Coach Weier and his asst. To those that rave about the great accomplishments that Coach Weier has had for his HS and Legion teams, do you not think your youth association had a great deal to do with that? The same association he took shots at in your local paper? Or do honestly think that once Coach Weier gets at them at 17 years of age, he turns them into a baseball player?

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Apr-07-14 8:39 AM

Getting back to the core issue: is there a problem of numbers, interest, and success in the New Ulm baseball programs? Check the high school baseball numbers this spring, all schools, then check the numbers of the same age group of kids and their little league participation. All this he/she said stuff, now we'll move in a different direction with coaches and the problems will not be addressed. Changing coaches is an easy solution, because maybe we don't have to look at ourselves as part of the problem as board members, parents, etc. The core problem that started this whole deal is still there, fyi, doesn't matter who the coach of legion is.

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Apr-07-14 9:00 AM

If Bob and Bryce made any mistake, it was an interview that appeared in this newspaper in September. As soon as their words leapt from their mouths, they lost all control over content, framing and context. Live and learn. Bob and Bryce were good baseball coaches before that interview, and whatever happened since isn't going to change that. I liked the fact the Bob wrote a letter to editor to give his perspective of how he and Bryce ended their relationship with Legion baseball. As an old coach once told me, "It's better to be shot for being a wolf than being shot for being a lamb."

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