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New Ulm man files lawsuit for medical pot freedom

Counterclaim says Hansen, as a farmer, has the right to grow marijuana

April 8, 2014

NEW ULM — A Mankato attorney for a 33-year-old New Ulm man facing felony violations related to a marijuana-growing operation in his home filed an answer and counterclaim Friday in Brown County......

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Apr-11-14 9:29 AM

garyschmid - This expert of mine is a highly intelligent, well-respected, lady in her field of social work. Her information always stems from careful research and hands on experiences.

I was not trying to label her. You made the statement, "Careabout are you assuming only liberals care about the marijuana issue.............." I was trying to point out that as a liberal Democrat, she was looking at all aspects of the marijuana issue. I have ALWAYS stated that any issue is NEVER a one-party issue. So, you can be careful on how you judge me, also.

I never said the young man was convicted. I said he was arrested because he was breaking the law as the law stands in MN at this time.

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Apr-11-14 7:28 AM

We do not need to be legalizing the use of a mind altering drug, dude. Even just for medical use will get abused as scores of people will be going to the doctor complaining about pain and the need for some weed.

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Apr-10-14 5:36 PM

We complain about the tragedies associated with alcohol, now we want to introduce another mind altering drug to be legal? Medical purposes is one thing , now we will be teaching kids it's alright to get "high". We have already let the Jeanie out of the bottle in Colorado, we should be teaching kids how to cope so they don't feel the need for either alcohol or marijuana. Legalization will make the usage go up, this will lead to more accidents and deaths. We also create more burden on the police force trying to enforce safe driving with the increased usage and enforcement .We fight to keep our kids off cigarettes, now we tell them inhale this instead? Sounds like adults looking for self gratification, the unforeseen consequences will affect our kids lives. What separates this from making another drug legal ?

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Apr-10-14 5:22 PM

GrandmaD - once again I agree.

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Apr-10-14 4:49 PM

Grandma D, I guess I am highly skeptical of your source, who stated that the docs are writing out all kinds of prescriptions, why would they have too, when I could just go buy it without a prescription. I am guessing this expert of yours got her info from the Denver paper, which was pretty much destroyed by facts and current studies on the use of mj by young people. The person arrested, I did not know he was convicted, but he must have been according to you. I kind of agree with Stephan too, withholding a real name allows people to say some pretty not factual statements as facts. Did you know at a DFL meeting I met a liberal who was against all abortion. The person who is running against Thissen is for mj legalization, he is a Republican. Careful with your labels.

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Apr-10-14 11:28 AM

cont...She says they can't focus on school. She, also, says people are driving high, working at their jobs high, etc. at a much greater rate than ever before & are not focused on what they are doing. She says there is "big money" in it also.

She is a liberal Democrat who would like to see medical marijuana be legal but is very concerned about the recreational aspect. She, also, says people are developing all sorts of ailments at an unbelievable rate in order to have medical marijuana prescribed.

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Apr-10-14 11:17 AM

StephenConlin - I am an adult, and I am not ignorant of the law. This site allows me now and always has allowed me to use the name I do. So, please stop insulting me in that regard.

I do believe that medical cannabis works wonders, as people are testifying to. Someone pointed out in another article that this young man first stated that he was trying to get ahead of the game for when MN legalized it. Nothing was said about any medical condition when he was arrested. Until it becomes legal, he was breaking the law, as was also stated.

My daughter's friend is a social worker in Colorado. She says since it has been legalized, it is out of control in the schools, especially middle-school-aged children. She believes it is because they can easily get it at home now. cont....

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Apr-09-14 3:10 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Jon IS CORRECT. Do the research and see.

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Apr-09-14 3:08 PM

To those who cannot say their name first, you have nothing to say at all. Therefor sit down and be silent, the adults are talking now. To the rest of you, if you have not read the law with your own eyes, do so before you speak (pro or con). Start at Read MN Stat. 645, MN Stat.152, MN Stat.297D, MN Stat. 609.902, Subd 4., & Sisson v. Triplett 428 N.W.2d 565 (1988). Read the law and understand that the crime is "unlawful sale" (black-market commerce), not marijuana. Read the law and discuss it with knowledge. There is no excuse to be ignorant of the law.

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Apr-09-14 1:22 PM

last try... sorry for the mess, I'm unable to delete my comments:)

search for indiegogo on your browser, then search for 'legal fight for Jon's marijuana rights' on the indiegogo site.

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Apr-09-14 1:15 PM

aaannd, since that link didn't post, here's that address (you should be able to copy, cut and paste it into your address bar):


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Apr-09-14 1:08 PM

Well, if any of you decide to change your minds, or for those of you who are at least mildly in support of Jon's cause and the reform of marijuana laws, or are just looking to perform a random act of kindness, here's a way to help.


See you on the next post... maybe next time we can keep it civil;)

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Apr-08-14 7:33 PM

Oh yeah, watch out for that lung cancer.

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Apr-08-14 5:57 PM

Yeah right, marijuana has never killed anybody. Hello? Have you heard of lung cancer? This idiot should be fined double the amount when he's convicted and his attorney should be banned from ever taking a case like this again. What a waste of out taxpayers dollars. A judge shouldn't even have to listen to a case as stupid as this!

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Apr-08-14 4:01 PM

@Rayna, here is an idea for you..maybe he should have fought to change the LAW before getting caught, not after...13 plants for personal use...doubt it

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Apr-08-14 3:15 PM

Rayna, the closed mind knows none of the other three.

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Apr-08-14 2:41 PM

Post 2

Catch22 you do not need a field to grow plants; a farmer is loosely defined as one who cultivates crops; Drummers and other garden centers sell pots, hydroponic growing supplies and kits, and grow lights... surely their business is not supported soley by marijuana growers.

Intelligent87 I only want to share with you a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

'Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.'

It is clear which mind you have.

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Apr-08-14 2:38 PM

Post 1

Just because a law is a law, that does not make it a good law. We have the right as citizens to fight to change laws that are unjust. Even Gov. Dayton is using the current 'unsession' to take aim at laws that are outdate and/or problematic. Willingness to blindly accept a law simply because it is written is herd mentality... what happened to demanding evidence and thinking critically? Do we not do this anymore? Or just not in the city of New Ulm?

With all of the talk that is currently surrounding medical marijuana in Minnesota, it would be wise to seek out facts regarding the plant instead of throwing around bad opinions. Cannabis has many medicinal purposes, including reducing epileptic seizures, reducing the severity of glaucoma, relieving pain, and treating anxiety and depression, amoung other too numerous to list. Be careful in allowing your government to determine what is 'safe' and 'unsafe' for the marketplace; Zohydro is a FDA approved drug.

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Apr-08-14 1:32 PM

@gary you would be happy to debate what issue excatly? Colorado? I was simply saying that if Cody thinks Colorado is so great he can move there, but the way things are now what Jon did was illegal. Even in Colorado you can only have 6 plants so it would have been illegal there as well. I don't care if Colorado is purple, red, blue, or any other political color.

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Apr-08-14 12:41 PM

Sorry my page does not seem to allow me to agree or disagree with these comments, thus the empty comment. I must strongly disagree with both "87" and "22". As for 87, it does not take much intelligence to accuse people of anything while hiding under a username of questionable description. For 22 ever hear of greenhouses. Careabout are you assuming only liberals care about the marijuana issue, Colorado is a purple state. I would be happy to debate this issue with 87, you can even wear a paper bag and disguise your voice.

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Apr-08-14 12:09 PM

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Apr-08-14 11:27 AM

@Cody22, I know you and Jon, and guess what he was not growing it for personal use. Hence the reason he said he was growing it to perfect it for when MN legalizes it. He is an idiot if he thinks he is single handidly going to change the laws in MN. His lawyer is hoping they can waste enough of the county's money that they drop the charges because it isn't worth pursuing. Your comment about Colorado is dumb..if you want to be like Colorado go ahead and move there no one is stopping you, or will they miss you. Jon is a drug addict plain and simple. Will it be legalized here someday, probably, but it is against the law right now and he broke that law...probably growing pot with his kid in the house. Great role model

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Apr-08-14 10:10 AM

Catch22 what r u talking about "people need to quit putting this **** in their bodies", Cannabis is perhaps the most useful plant in the world from it's industrial use to its medical value. Cannabis has never killed anyone, try to say that about the drugs people are taking that are recommended by their doctors to treat symptoms that cannabis can treat more effectively without the same side effects. Their is no reason that the state should be funding organizations such as the drug task force to go after people growing plants that have medical use. And if this guy goes to prison , thats a 100,000$ a year for a non violent person on top of the legal fees. The entire prohibition of cannabis is madness we need to get out of the dark ages, and become one of the rational states like Colorado.

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Apr-08-14 8:05 AM

good luck but you're wasting everyone's time... You'll lose.

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Apr-08-14 7:39 AM

Yeah and the next thing is the goverment will subsidize them! HA I beat all the liberals with that remark

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