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No such thing as a free lunch

June 6, 2014

To the editor: Regarding the story on free lunches for area children (“Full bellies for all kids”: I have no argument at this time about lunches provided for people under 18 at no cost to them....

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Jun-24-14 12:23 AM

Not saying I'm perfect mnsotn!,..Do you buy a car and have other people pay for the gas that goes in it for you?,NO!!!,..then why should someone else have to feed you're kids?..I would be both ashamed and embarrassed if I couldn't support or even feed my own kids!

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Jun-23-14 7:57 PM

I suppose if everyone was as perfect as cottoneyejoe, the world would be a better place, wouldn't it?

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Jun-23-14 1:20 PM

What if your job got outsourced to China? Not all people on assistance are lazy. Sometimes the breadwinner dies while the kids are young. Things happen.

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Jun-23-14 3:24 AM

If you can't afford to feed and take care of you're own kids then don't have them!!!

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Jun-11-14 9:37 PM

...what lesson did you teach them?

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Jun-11-14 9:36 PM

JR, I don't think it matters if a hungry kindergarten student knows if there is a such thing as a free lunch or not. What can they do to change their circumstance?

Under your plan, they go hungry. Good for you. Now, what lesson did you Taj them?

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Jun-11-14 9:17 AM


Quit attributing stupid statements to me. Those are all coming straight from you.

I never once suggested withholding food for anyone - you did.

I get you think it's totally OK for kids to think there really is a free lunch. That is the core ideology of the Democratic party, after all. You also believe it is perfectly OK for people to take things from those who have actually earned it. Those are things you and I will never agree upon.

So, if you want to speak for yourself, go right ahead. You don't have a clue nor do you have any place in speaking for me.

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Jun-11-14 12:20 AM

JReader, I would like to see you walk up to a kindergarten student and explain to him or her why they can't eat today because their mom or dad didn't pay for their lunch... again. I hope you explain to then that you are withholding their lunch to teach them a lesson. I also hope that you show them that the lunch ladies are going to throw away perfectly edible food that was left over when lunch is finished.

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Jun-11-14 12:08 AM

So JR thinks that the kids should earn their keep. Maybe we could get rid of the child labor laws so that the little kids can clean toilets for a "free" lunch. Good idea, JR.

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Jun-10-14 7:42 PM

you're right, snivel. shouldn't have mentioned that. i stand by the rest.

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Jun-10-14 6:31 PM

and whats with the Private school crack? Ya Dumb ninny they pay the same taxes as public school parents, some peoples brains are on the wrong end of their torso

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Jun-10-14 12:22 PM one is saying let the kids starve. If there are 10 kids in new ulm that are starving, by all means please feed them. The POINT is that this is another government program that is going to be used and abused by parents who are too lazy to have food in the house for their kids while they go off to work. No questions asked...really? I hope all the parents feel ashamed if they use this program that was meant for the very few that maybe need it. Aren't you all getting a little sick of being taxed? Have you no clue how a budget should work? Do you run your own budget the same way? I just don't get how some of you think.

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Jun-10-14 10:51 AM


You're such an extremist. I never once said anyone should starve.

Why can't people earn their keep ?

Why can't kids also learn this important lesson ?

It's obvious they aren't learning it from their parents so why is it so terrible if the schools teach them this ?

Maybe if kids learn there is no free lunch they will grow up and teach their kids the same lesson. One day we wouldn't need to have free lunch programs because people will finally learn the value of taking care of themselves. I realize this flies in the face of liberal wisdom but as a tax payer I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.

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Jun-10-14 10:34 AM

Again WHY should I have to pay for other peoples kids...I CHOSE NOT TO HAVE KIDS because I CAN'T AFFORD KIDS ... other people should practice that to...

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Jun-09-14 6:57 PM

It would be no skin off of my back. "Decrease the surplus population" as our Republican friends say.

Hungry kids don't learn as well, so they won't get as good of grades. Because of this, we will continue to have low-wage people to fill minimum wage positions. It's all part of the GOP plan.

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Jun-09-14 6:16 PM

So let them starve. Hopefully their parents will learn their lesson.

It's not like it affects us, right JR?

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Jun-09-14 11:47 AM

What I was referring to was instilling a sense of entitlement in these young and impressionable minds. I'm sure they will all grow up to be voting Democrats.

That is, unless they also learn that there really is no "free" in free lunch. I guess clapping erasers and cleaning waste baskets is too much to ask for today's youth. I suppose the unions would balk at that notion too.

Why work when all you really have to do is simply hold out your hand.

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Jun-09-14 10:21 AM

mnsotn, where does the money come for the enforcement of the rules, tracking the deadbeats down? This is exactly what I was referring to, another program that gets larger due to unforeseen consequences. Randiscott is correct ,I don't see a lot of starving kids in New Ulm, we do have programs in place already ,seems like we are duplicating ,making up for someone to lazy to cook for their kids.

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Jun-08-14 7:15 PM

another government to feed the starving children of district 88...gimmee a break..lazy parents who send their kids to private school will tell their kids to hop on their bikes and get a free lunch because they can. feed your own kids parents. i doubt new ulm has a need this dire.

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Jun-06-14 7:47 PM

I see where you're going here, JR and Deerhunt. Maybe if we would eliminate minimum wage laws, we could put kids back in factories so that they can earn money to buy lunch when their parents do not pay for lunch tickets.

If you read my post again, I wasn't advocating that we just provide free lunch, I said that a kid shouldn't go hungry. If the parents are just not being responsible, go after them. Send family services, the courts, whatever, after them. Don't let the kids go hungry just because the parents would rather spend their money on cigarettes and beer.

I would rather have my tax dollars ensuring that all kids eat at school (and going after the deadbeats) than wasting more money on corporate handouts and welfare fraud.

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Jun-06-14 2:22 PM

I think the operative word here is "free". It is never free. The hungry kid never has to pay, but the rest of us do. What worries me is this kid might look at his or her life in such a manner. "I need to eat so someone has to feed me." One day it becomes "I need to get out of the cold so give me a place to live."

Why can't these kids learn today that anything worthwhile is worth working for. Maybe they need to somehow earn their "free" meals.

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Jun-06-14 10:19 AM

You two totally missed his point , "there is no such thing as a free lunch", somebody is paying for it - the taxpayer. This seems like another program ripe for fraud. Will day care moms start taking their kids there to save money (even though they already get assistance from the government)? Who will discipline unsupervised kids? Every new program creates more rules ,expenses and issues to deal with .Are we feeding truly hungry kids that are starving (which would be a great thing)or creating a program cause there is "free money " to be spent? A lot of times the money is thrown around so we can claim we care , but without good supervision it just becomes waste. Good intentions need strong follow through to accomplish there goals.

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Jun-06-14 7:10 AM

I thought the same thing. You are contradicting yourself. I'm not a big proponent of handouts, but don't let the children go hungry. Feed them as you do the other children. Go after the deadbeat parents if that is the case.

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Jun-06-14 2:42 AM you're saying that you have no problem with kids getting a free lunch (at this time anyway. Will you change your mind later, when it gets to be too expensive?) from the government but you don't want your tax money to be spent on that sort of thing?

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