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Stands by her letter

June 8, 2014

To the editor: I stand behind my letter of June 4th. The Republicans blocked legislation that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans....

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Jun-11-14 12:26 AM

You really are clueless, JR. Look at just about every right to work state, particularly the ones that don't have oil. You will see that workplace deaths are 50 percent higher, health care costs are higher, wages and benefits are lower, poverty is higher, test scores are lower... need I go on? The quality of life in union states far surpasses that in RTW states. Organized labor is needed to fight against organized greed.

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Jun-10-14 10:32 AM

I have nothing against the middle class making a decent living. The unions of today have nothing to do with that.

The problems with GM are a combination of a number of groups. I didn't single out one party. I will never understand why we tax payers had to bail out GM when their problems continue to this day while veterans are dying waiting for their coveted place in line. My point is both sides have places where they want to blow our money to earn points with their base. To only single out one side certainly does our veterans no good.

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Jun-09-14 6:54 PM

JR, you blame GM's "Life Sucking Union" for their problems. The way I see it, most of its problems lately have been in design and engineering, both of which are non-union jobs. Nice try, though.

Just what do you have against the middle class making a decent wage?

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Jun-09-14 6:18 PM

No, I am hoping President Obama runs again.

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Jun-09-14 4:33 PM

Gary , I take it you are starting the Dayton for president fund.

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Jun-09-14 4:09 PM

Governor Dayton did run on raising taxes. He won, he increased taxes, paid off school debt, made a surplus, and returned money to the people, who needed it, not to the billionaires who do not need it. See Minnesota vs. Wisconsin financials and growth. Honest politicians will run on their beliefs and can win a elections.

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Jun-09-14 4:01 PM

How can it be the democrats fault, they voted for the bill. When a group of senators can vote against a much needed bill, a veterans bill, I do not care about their reasons, we as a country owe these men and women everything we can do for them, excuses pale in comparison to this solemn national responsibility.

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Jun-09-14 3:51 PM

As far as Republicans trying to make Obama look bad , he needs no help , he does a fine job of that on his own.

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Jun-09-14 3:47 PM

Wouldn't it be the Democrats faults for not coming up with the funding if that was the issue that the Republicans used for their reason. Why didn't the Democrats say "put another penny on the gas tax and pay for it", I'll tell you why , because than they would be accused of raising taxes. Nobody wants to increase taxes , but when your running a negative budget how do you pay for all this? It all comes down to politics on both sides, both parties are at fault for not finding the solution. The other issue is that people were tampering the log books to get themselves bonuses , cover an issue up to get themselves more money . Those people are worse than the politicians.

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Jun-09-14 2:06 PM

So, reviewing some of the facts is all you need to make an "informed" decision ?

All one needs to remember is that they voted "no" and not why they voted no. You can simply fill in your own reason as to why even though it may be untrue just so it fits your personal narrative. I believe they call that dumbing down the electorate - congratulations you've passed.

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Jun-09-14 1:30 PM

I completely agree with Ms. Paulson's letter. The truth is the republicans voted against this bill. That is just fact, not both parties, the republicans did. 41 out of 45 republicans voted against the bill. I think the only reason is that they will do anything to see President Obama fail. The reason I can blame this on the republicans is because it is factually how they voted.

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Jun-09-14 11:59 AM

I offer another alternative for you to consider. If the administration would not have bailed out GM the money would have been there to increase the funding for the VA.

So, choose between buying stock to prop up a failing company to ease it's way through bankruptcy and keep a life sucking union around and a corporate culture that likes to hide defective and death causing engineering flaws; or fund money to our vets who have served our country.

You can stand behind your letter all you want. The truth is both parties have had the opportunity to increase funding to the VA but our veterans to politicians are expendable - perhaps more so when they are off the field of battle.

You can blame it squarely on the Republicans if it makes you sleep better at night but it will do nothing changing the attitudes of those who are suppose to be serving us in Washington.

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Jun-09-14 9:35 AM

I can't agree more!!

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