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Overdosing on Fox News?

July 11, 2014

To the editor: Your Monday, July 7 editorial shows severe signs of overdosing on Fox Cable News, Rush Limbaugh and Heritage Action....

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Jul-14-14 1:01 PM


I have often thought of you as an enemy of my opinion but never as an enemy of the state (well maybe my state of mind).

Having widely diverse opinions is supposed to be one of things that make this country great.

Agreeing to disagree must be a purely 20th century custom. I suppose we can blame the internet for much of that. Anyone can always google an article or blog to beef up their cause.

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Jul-14-14 10:54 AM

People who disagree with Obama's policies must be uninformed and therefore must only use Fox News as their source for forming their mis-guided opinions.

When you start your argument with this premise do you realize how truly weak you make your own argument ?

People raising the point of Obama's leadership are legitimate. He originally was elected to office on the promise of unity. Bush left office with a very divided country. Six years into Obama we've only regressed in this regard. As President, he needs to realize there will be people who will not agree with him. It is the epitome of clichés but he needs "find common ground" to start from if he ever wants to be an effective leader. Bill Clinton was able to do this during his administration. It's not too much to ask Obama to do the same.

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Jul-12-14 3:01 PM

If the government, specifically the USDA, doesn't allow Kraft to call Velveeta or Singles cheese (it is officially called "cheese food") then why is Fox allowed to call their programming "News"?

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Jul-12-14 9:29 AM

MT's Soviet Union comment disappeared?

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Jul-11-14 9:49 PM

Not sure why others disagree with my true statement that tis was written in West Virginia.

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Jul-11-14 7:54 PM

..but the joke will be on us if we just excuse it as harmless.

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Jul-11-14 7:51 PM

deerhunt, I appreciate your comment. MT calling me an idiot would be an insult. Calling me an enemy of the country is an accusation that implies a consequence, such as the Constitutional Coalition of Maine meeting recently with the governor and declaring Democrats guilty of treason and noting the penalty was the same as hundreds of years ago, and conservative media types (Erickson) talking about beating legislators to a bloody pulp, (Savage) suggesting rounding up liberals and hanging them high, (Levin) saying “There’s a lot of people in this country who don't deserve liberty.” Such accusations are not a joke. Guys like this consider themselves defenders of the Constitution. That’s the joke, bu the joke will be us if we just excuse it as harmless.

That's my last word on that. This time.

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Jul-11-14 4:39 PM

not sure how that is relevant, but if you say so.

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Jul-11-14 3:39 PM

randiscott your comment " may god or allah help us all if he gets involved ", qualifies you as a Faux news groupie.

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Jul-11-14 2:06 PM

Gary: Please don't lump all readers into your Fox News rant. I get my news from multiple do a lot of other informed people. AS the months go by, I do see a trend starting whereby the staunches pro-Obama news outlets are now reporting factual news instead of trying to cover up Obama's inadequacies as a leader. Heard today where he has offered to broker the peace between Hamas and Israel. May God or Allah help us all if he gets involved.

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Jul-11-14 1:48 PM

Dr.Kluge once again proves himself to be a well educated moron. Tell me this. How does a representative republic, with three co-EQUAL branches survive when one of those branches decides that he is the entire tree, and there is nobody stopping him?

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Jul-11-14 1:43 PM

Dr. and Mrs. Kluge were only trying to point out studies that show Fox news viewers are the most misinformed viewers, while news sources like MPR are the most informed. It is quite obvious that most of these right wing editorials and their opinions, are taken from Faux news. Using talking points from Faux, as fact, instead of doing any research to objectively start a discussion. It is also very sad to see how many misinformed lemmings their are on these pages.

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Jul-11-14 1:38 PM

Dr. and Mrs. Kluge: did you actually write you are "thankful" for President Obama? You must be one of the last hold outs. Have you seen him lately on the news clips? He is making no sense as it relates to the border situation. You can have many months left until next election? And I'm not even a Republican.

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Jul-11-14 9:36 AM

Aunty , you are no enemy of the state, just someone giving their viewpoint . That is what makes this country great. Seems like some people have been doing a lot of name calling on here lately, shows they don't have any facts or real argument to make.

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Jul-11-14 9:19 AM

The Soviet Union, where declaring people enemies of the state was used to keep them quiet, and severe consequences followed. No wonder my question about the consequences of being named here as an enemy of the country was not answered. Rather unpleasant.

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Jul-11-14 8:43 AM

Dr. Kluge

This letter would be better served if it were sent to Ogden Corporate. The author of that editorial works in West Virginia, not New Ulm. These editorials are much like the executive orders Obama has "abused."

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Jul-11-14 8:36 AM

I don't understand what the Kluge's are having trouble with . Obama's recess appointments were struck down by the Supreme Court by a 9-0 vote, hardly a one-sided court. As far as executive orders ,it doesn't matter who had the most , it matters how they are used. If a president decides to use it to declare a new holiday vs. using it to change an existing law to benefit a group of people that voted for him are totally different. It would be like saying somebody broke the law .A speeding ticket is one thing ,robbing a bank or committing murder are a lot worse, yet both are considered breaking the law. His failure to reach compromise with opposing views shows a lack of leadership. When he passed the healthcare law he failed to get Republican votes, that was a mistake. Now the Democrats have sole ownership of the issue, they have left themselves out on a limb . If it fails the whole Democrat party will have egg on its face. Act on your own and you are responsible for all the consequences

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Jul-11-14 7:15 AM

MichaelT Mental Health care is covered under the Affordable Care Act and after reading your comments you should run to your nearest mental health professional as you need years of intense therapy. Dr. Kluge could maybe help out with a recommendation of a local provider who could help you out.

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Jul-11-14 12:44 AM


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