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New Ulm High School presents:

Dirty Works in High Places

November 1, 2009
Story, photos by Fritz Busch

To learn about the prospects of global warming and other threats to humanity, perhaps the federal government and other levels of government for that matter, should take a good look at the New Ulm High School fall play, "Dirty Works in High Places."

Set in contemporary times, the mellow drama centers on Gentle Grimmes (Zach Jensen), the meanest man in town and president of Gentle Grimmes Corporation, a disreputable rogue who has invented a smog machine to sell to developing nations so they can be "civilized."

Grimmes' advice to civic-minded citizens is - "don't get involved."

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He spies on competitors, cheats on his income tax, bugs telephones, even fires a company traitor by dropping her in a paper shredder.

His small army of sub-villains carry out his dastardly designs in funny fashion.

Grimmes' pet project is removing senior citizens from a small cottage so he can build high-rise apartments.

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Cast list

GrandmaKelsey Koch

Baby BobAnthony Weineke

Baby AliceMarissa Johnson

Gentle GrimmesZach Jensen

Window DesperateElizabeth Melville

Widow AgedOlivia Blake

SaccharinJaclyn Britz

Dauntless CrusaderGage Vranich

Miss ShabbyMonica Reising

Ms YespersonCaity Anderson

TricksterSilas Sellnow

RottenLeslie Wiltscheck

SlyMadeline Ullery

StockholderAbigail Matthews

Madam PresidenteTrish Johnson

StudentsMarissa Tambornino, Sean Julius, Kelsey Neigebauer

Police officerFritz Rieke

FishermanTom Maidl

FisherwomanMicayla Irmiter

Student directorLauren Horsch

To do that, he plans to force the lovely heroine, Little Saccharin (Jaclyn Britz), to be his bride.

Enter Dauntless Crusader (Gage Vranich), a consumer advocate, who plans to expose the villain for the wicked citizen he is.

Complications ensue, including wild chase scenes, comic election rallies, long-lost parents, orphans, dirty tricks and young love.

The climax occurs when Grimmes locks Little Saccharin in the smog machine, and battles Dauntless Crusader in an uproarious fight.

"I think everyone will like this play. Anyone in the middle school grades on up should understand it," director Wendy Tuttle said.

She had high praise for her students.

"I've worked with most of them since they were in seventh grade," added Tuttle. "They're very bright, dedicated and talented students, committed to school work, jobs, athletics and other school activities."

Other play volunteers are assistant director Carrie Forstner, Jerilyn Kjellberg (props), Carolyn Todd (costumes), and Sheldon Rieke (sets, technical matters).



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