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August 3, 2010
By Wendy Monro

Now that my daughter, Ella, is here from England for a month, I have two vegetarians in the house.

Well, they really are pescatarians since they do eat fish. There are all sorts of categories of vegetarians: lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian are just a few.

It can be complicated keeping up with all of it.

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Tilapia served with a creamy cilantro butter sauce.

I wonder what a person, like me, who will eat almost everything, is called. Maybe I don't want to know.

Luckily my two girls eat fish. It makes my meal planning easier to have fish as an option.

I like to make sure they are getting enough protein in their diets. I bought a lot of fish to keep in the freezer to have on hand for my beautiful girls this month. This week, tilapia was on sale. Actually, it seems like tilapia is usually less expensive than most of the other fish in the market. So, I bought a big bag of it.

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Tilapia with cilantro butter sauce

Serves: 4

Time: 20 minutes

4 tilapia fillets

1/4 C. olive oil

1/4 red onion, chopped

1/2 red pepper, chopped

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1/4 C. butter

1 Tbsp. light cream cheese

1/2 C. cilantro, chopped finely

Juice of one lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

2 Tbsp. light sour cream

2 Tbsp. of your favorite salsa

1 lemon cut into wedges

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees. Place fillets on a foil lined baking dish. When oven has reached temperature, place the dish into the oven. The fish should take about 15-20 minutes to bake. You will know they are finished when the fillet is no longer opaque and is white instead. While the fish is baking, heat olive oil in a small sauce pan. Add the onions and cook for five minutes. Then, add the red peppers and cook five minutes more. Add the garlic and cook for a few minutes more. Add the butter and let that melt. Add the cilantro, salt and pepper. Squeeze in the lemon. Mix well. Turn off heat and set aside. Take the fish out of the oven. Place on a plate over the rice. Pour the cilantro butter sauce over the top of the rice and fish. Add some sour cream, salsa and a wedge or two of lemon.

Tilapia is a great fish for kids because it is white and light and flaky. It has no fishy flavor and is quick and easy to cook. I wish my mom knew this when I was a kid. She used to make swordfish and shark grilled without any sauce. It was tough and fishy. I soon had an extreme distaste for fish. Luckily, I grew out of it.

This time of year, no one wants to stay in the kitchen too long when we can be outside enjoying the sunshine.

Who wants to cook in a hot kitchen when there is gardening, swimming, walking, and sunbathing to be done? I definitely don't.

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Also, we don't want to have the oven on for a long time since it heats the whole house up.

So, I have been trying to come up with recipes which call for very little oven or stove time.

Of course, I am grilling a lot outdoors and avoiding the oven all together. This recipe does call for use of the oven and stove; however, it takes only 20 minutes to make. It can be done without breaking a sweat.

It just feels better to eat light when it's so hot outside. People tend to eat more salads, fruits, and fish. Fish is a great summer choice for dinner. All fish is brain and heart food. It's important to try to incorporate fish into your diet twice a week.

It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients.

Fish have omega-3 fatty acids. If you aren't a huge fan of fish, tilapia might be a good place to start. It is great grilled, baked, or pan seared. It tastes delicious in fish tacos, fish sandwiches, fish pie, or on its own in a light butter and lemon sauce.

Here is a recipe with cilantro, garlic, and butter in the sauce. Everything tastes better with a sauce. The whole meal is quick and easy to prepare. So, if I am making a meat dish for the men in my life, it is no problem to whip this up on the side for my pescatarians.

Since I am making a cilantro sauce, I am serving this tilapia with rice to compliment the Spanish flair. I also add a dollop of sour cream, a wedge of lemon and a spoon full of salsa to top it off. This is going to taste fabulous. Grab a glass of wine and get started.



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