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Commissioners' minutes

July 6, 2010
The Journal


July 6, 2010

Members present: Seeboth, Berg, Dove, Lochner,

and Potter, along with Administrator Enter and

County Attorney Hinnenthal.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept the Minutes of 6-

22-10 and authorize publication of the Synopsis

of same, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to approve the Minutes

of the Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting

held on 6-15-10 and continued on 6-17-10 and

authorize publication of same, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to authorize the payment

of General Government claims as revised in the

amount of $155,663.22, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to approve two (2)

Drainage Ditch Repair requests, carried.

M/Dove, S/Berg, to receive and order filed the

updated Drainage Ditch Repair Request for CD #3

28-1 in Sections 28 & 33, Mulligan Twp. regarding

county tile washouts caused by flooding of Wood

Lake, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept and file the report

noting percentages used to allocate expenses for

those expenses attributed to all ditches, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to schedule the Primary

Election Canvass Board for 8:30 AM on 8-13-10;

and to schedule the General Election Canvass

Board for 9:00 AM on 11-5-10; and to appoint

Commissioners Seeboth and Dove to serve on

both the Primary Election Canvassing Board and

the General Election Canvassing Board, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to approve the State

of MN Satellite Office Agreement and authorize

Chairman Seeboth and County Administrator

Enter to sign same on behalf of Brown County,

carried. It should be noted the Brown County

Recorder's Office is a satellite office to facilitate

Uniform Commercial Code lien filings and search

requests, and the Office of the Secretary of State

is launching the new MN Business and Lien

System (MBLS) into production in early to mid


M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept the retirement of

Leah Crabtree, FT Personnel Director on 1-31-

11 and authorize posting the position vacancy

according to policy, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to accept the retirement

of Gary Olson, FT Resident Park Caretaker on

8-30-10, and to appoint Commissioner Potter,

Park Coordinator Sletta, and a Park Commission

member to a committee to review options for

Lake Hanska Caretaker services and report to the

County Board on July 20, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to appoint Andrea

Nachreiner as a FT Financial Worker for the Family

Services Dept. at the annual salary of $36,121

(Grade XI, Step 2) and with a projected start date

of 8-2-10, carried.

M/Berg, S/Lochner, to approve Res. No. 2010-

17 designating 8-7-10 and August 7 in years

following as "Brown County Combat Wounded

Veterans Purple Heart Day", carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to accept and file the Brown

County Veterans Service Office Semi-Annual

Report for the first half of 2010, carried.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to approve the request

of Kathy Moe to place a historical marker

along CSAH 24 in Section 22-T109N-R34W in

Burnstown Township consistent with the Historical

Monument Policy adopted by the County Board

on 6-22-10, and with the understanding that the

marker text is subject to review and approval by

the Brown County Historical Society Director,


M/Potter, S/Berg, to accept and file the

following Extension Program Update: 4-H

Program Coordinator Report and Nutrition

Educator Report, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to approve the State of

MN Joint Powers Agreement (B44513) between

the MN Department of Corrections and Brown

County Jail effective 9-1-10 thru 6-30-11 to

house state prisoners in the Brown County Jail at

the daily rate of $55 per day per offender not to

exceed $105,000 per year, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to accept PSIC Grant

Funds in the amount of $23,485 (80%) that

will be distributed by the South Central MN

Regional Radio Board; authorize a county match

in the amount of $5,872 (20%) from the Capital

Improvement Fund 37; with said grant funds to be

designated for the purchase of 800 MHz (ARMER

system) mobile/portable radios only, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Potter, to approve the

Professional Services Agreement Support of

ARMER Required Local System Administrator

Agreement with Alpha Wireless to provide Brown

County with services as a Technical System

Administrator for the ARMER radio system,


M/Berg, S/Dove, to authorize the Brown

County Sheriff's Dept. and the Brown County

Emergency Management Office to apply for the

MN Dept. of Public Safety Division of Emergency

Communication Network (DECN) grants, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Berg, to deny the Law

Enforcement Labor Services #94 Step 3 Grievance

dated 5-19-10, carried.

M/Potter, S/Lochner, to award the contract to

Veenstra & Son, LLC in the amount of $107,818.33

for the SAP 08-599-49 Bridge Replacement and

Approach work on 330th Avenue over an Unnamed

Stream in Mulligan Township, carried. Additional

bids were received from the following: Mathiowetz

Construction; Landwehr Construction, Inc.; and

Midwest Contracting LLC.

M/Potter, S/Dove, to approve the request from

the City of Comfrey for a County Road/Street

closure of portions of CSAH 36 (Brown St & White

St) between Ochre St and Broad St on July 9 from

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM for a parade and the portion

of CSAH 36 from Field St to Broad St be closed

on July 9 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM for a street

dance, carried.

M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve the purchase of

six (6) Dell 24" Widescreen Monitor w/speaker bar

in the state contract amount of $1,938.62 (includes

sales tax, S/H not included); and the purchase of

eleven (11) PNY GeForce 840 duel video cards in

the state contract amount of $458.37 (includes

sales tax, S/H not included), carried.

M/Potter, S/Seeboth, to approve the purchase

of two (2) Dell Latitude E6410 laptops and software

in the total state contract amount of $3,244.83

(includes sales tax, S/H not included), both to

be available for Public Health Preparedness

exercises and events, and during non-event

times, shared with the nursing staff that will be

documenting on a web based electronic medical

record; and the purchase of two (2) Canon ip 100

portable printers in the total amount of $396.10

(includes sales tax, S/H not included) from to be used for emergency response and

vaccination clinics and shared with central and

western Brown County based nursing staff for

daily field use, with funding provided by Public

Health Preparedness grant funds, carried. An

additional quote for the two printers was received


M/Berg, S/Potter, to approve the purchase of

four (4) Motorola handheld radios compatible with

the ARMER communication system consisting of

two (2) Motorola Model 2500 radios and two (2)

Motorola Model 1500 radios with smart charger,

all with a two year repair service advantage, in the

state contract total amount of $8,298.78 (includes

sales tax), with funding provided by Public Health

Preparedness grant funds, carried.

M/Lochner, S/Dove, to approve the following

School Health Nursing Services Agreements

between Brown County Public Health and the

following schools in the county for the 2010-

11 school year: Comfrey School District #81:

$6,657.00-148 hrs/yr; Sleepy Eye School District

#84: $53,524.001,295 hrs/yr (Sleepy Eye Public:

20-22.5 hrs/week, St. Mary's School12.5-15 hrs/

week, St. John's Schoolup to 50 hrs/yr as needed);

River Bend Education District: $2,617.00-up to 65

hrs/yr; New Ulm School District #88: $64,221.00

1,598 hrs/yr (NUACS820 hrs; St. Paul's378 hrs;

MVL400 hrs; New Ulm Publicscreening and

vaccination support50 hrs/yr), carried.

Correspondence C-1 thru C-13 were accepted

and filed.

Seeboth reported on IMMTRACK and with

Lochner on SCHA; Lochner reported on AREA II.

Calendars were coordinated for the next two

week period.

There being no further business, Chairman

Seeboth adjourned the Meeting at 11:17 AM.

The Official Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July

6, 2010 are on file in the County Administrator's

Office and may be viewed during normal business

hours, M-F, 8AM-5PM. Correspondence and

requests for additional information may be

directed to the County Administrator's E-Mail

Address: Home

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