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From the Farm

Lost items create anxiety

October 22, 2010
By Kerry Hoffman

There are some items that I don't really mind losing.

Once in a while I think it's OK to lose my mind. Going a little off the deep end keeps my family on their toes. We all know they need to be kept on their toes.

If I lose my train of thought I don't panic too much. I blame it on age. Sometimes I find it does work to leave a room and walk back into it to recall what the heck I was doing. Most of the time it involves some sort of cleaning item, which, in all honesty, I would rather forget anyway.

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Kerry Hoffman

I have lost my car keys, but always have a spare set sitting in the drawer next to the clothes washer and a cell phone in my pocket to make a desperation call. Yes, I have misplaced my cell phone as well.

I have even lost my temper a few times, and that's not pretty, and I don't like to apologize.

I recall one summer I lost my wedding ring. Well, it wasn't just my wedding ring. It was all three pieces: the engagement ring, the wedding band and my anniversary band.

I lost sleep for several days trying to recall where I had the darn thing last. I prayed to St. Anthony through veils of tears and a palpitating heart.

I practically ripped the house apart trying to find the ring. I ready to rip up the upholstery in my Jeep thinking it could have maybe somehow rolled under that in some freak act of nature.

I felt completely guilty. I believe in the symbol of the ring a love that is unending, hence the circle. The thought of replacing it with insurance money made me sick. I replacement would never, ever mean as much to me as the original.

Eventually I found it in the pocket of a pair of pants. I had put hand lotion on and put it in the pocket. I intensely thanked St. Anthony.

Not only do I agonize about sentimental items, I also worry incessantly over items that go missing that are really quite replaceable. Years ago, Steve gave me this lime green-plastic ring. I lost it once and fretted over that too. Because I didn't think we would get back to the Mall of America Arcade any time soon. I still have that ring!

This past weekend, I was distraught over a lost calf.

Not just any calf. One of our Jersey cows had a heifer calf Friday night. I was over the moon. I love my Jersey cows and getting a baby girl is just awesome.

Saturday morning, I walked over to the calving barn, with the calf bottle in tow. I couldn't wait to see her again.

There was just one problem she was missing. Sure she would have blended in with the corn-stalk bedding, but I walked every inch and didn't see her.

Usually it doesn't take long to find a wayward calf. The cows will all look in a certain area, or you find tracks leading to the runaway.

There was not a stitch of physical evidence anywhere. The only thing out of the ordinary was that Steve observed the dogs running and barking in the field across the road from our house.

Between the four of us and a few nieces and nephews looking for the escapee, we spent a great majority of Saturday looking scouring every inch of this farm. Steve, Joey, Russell and I all looked together from early morning until noon. I took a nap and started combing the area again. After combining some corn, Steve looked again. Later that day, I sat in the calving barn crying like a two-year-old child that didn't get the candy in the grocery store. I felt sick.

"I am just stumped," Steve said. "I have no idea what has happened to her."

I didn't sleep well Saturday night. As we drove to church Sunday morning, we observed an eagle flying over the river.

"She's probably eating on a cute little brown calf!" I whined.

"You are so negative," Joey said.

During church, I prayed with my whole heart that we would find her. Steve admitted he did as well.

At the grocery store, as we filled our arms with essentials bread, chili mix, crackers - Joey's phone rang. Well, it actually vibrated. God forbid a teenager's phone would actually ring!

It was our niece Jackie.

She found the calf running across the field across the road from our home.

Of course, now the calf is being spoiled because I am just so glad to have her home. She's already learned how to walk on a lead, and gets to come out of the pen whenever it's time to eat.

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