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One nice day per week isn’t enough

May 13, 2011
By Kerry Hoffman , The Journal

By Kerry Hoffman

I know exactly why I have been quick to jump to rash decisions and hyper-sensitivity, which causes my husband to roll his eyes and the children to look at me with wonder in their eyes.

It's the spring season or lack thereof.

Last week, I wrote about how I loathe spring, because I find myself managing everything from purchasing toilet paper to taking care of a sick cow.

That covers a lot of ground (especially if you unroll the toilet paper).

I enjoy spring, but this year seems to be a spring meant to challenge my time management and patience skills.

Wednesday, at about 2 a.m., I found myself thinking of all the "things" that I need to get done this spring. I have also surmised that the "oddball" weather we are having is contributing to my stress. How am I supposed to get everything done, when we are allowed only one nice day per week?

Am I supposed to cram it all into one single 12-hour day?

My lawn needs to be mowed. In fact, Steve walked by the barn and said, "What are we going to bale this grass this year?"

I have to scrape the paint off the outside walls of the milk house. The door on the garage also needs a fresh coat of paint. We're having an open house in June, which will come faster than I can unroll toilet paper!

The chickens have been begging me to clean out their shed. I really let them down when I didn't clean the litter out of their home last week. Instead, I just added new wood shavings and sawdust. I believe they continue to lay their eggs in a messy corner out of protest. I can just hear them cackling among themselves when I am not around. I am quite sure they don't say very polite things. Oh, they act like they like me when I feed them, but I think it's all for show.

I would really love to get my garden planted, but the darn tiller won't start. Apparently the points need to be "shined" or something. Well, I don't know a darn thing about points, so I have to wait until Mr. Farmer gets done with planting so he can shine the points. Who knows if my patience will last that long? I may end up digging in and trying to figure it out myself.

You have to do, what you have to do.

The farm yard is full of ruts that would make a Chevy Chevette disappear in an instant. I should get those taken care of. It seems to me though, that after I finally get the yard looking nice, it decides to rain again and we are back to avoiding big mud holes. Steve wants to fill them with rock, but I am not so sure this is the correct time of year to be doing this.

I have rats living under the silage bags that tease the dogs and get them to rip the bags to shreds. I bet those rats are thinking that'll make me get rid of the dogs. All it really does is stop me from letting Lilly, the Great Dane, into the house at night. She's the White House Security of Silage Bag Security. It costs us a ton of money and sends a shiver down our spines when we notice a new hole in a long, white silage bag.

Oh, and it's Wednesday; family dinner night. Well, family dinner sans Mr. Hoffman. So I have to get the pork roast into the crock pot. Thank god for instant potatoes.

Looking out my office window, I notice there is a fence that can be removed too.

Gosh the work just never ends and sometimes I can find that a bit overwhelming, which makes me a bit crabby and unpleasant.

I guess I just have to start picking away at the long list, and not think about the millions of remaining "spring-time" activities.

Maybe, just maybe, that will help me to be more pleasant.

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