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Hitting the autumnal doldrums

September 23, 2011
By Kerry Hoffman , The Journal

There's only one problem with this time of year.

It's that period between chopping corn silage and starting to combine corn. Usually it lasts a couple of weeks, but it seems like eternity.

There really is nothing going on around here.

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Kerry Hoffman

In fact, just this morning, I looked at Steve in the parlor and I said, "The problem with this week's column is that there is nothing going on around here."

"You know, you are right," he said.

Steve and Zachary, our herdsman, have been doing a few odds-and-end type jobs. Wednesday they spent time repairing one of our semi trailers. I am so glad I didn't have to help with this job. It's a miserable way to spend a lazy day. We use the trailer haul sawdust, so imagine how "pleasant" it is to be working in a trailer with dust in it.

Steve and Zachary also spent a day changing the oil on tractors and other smaller pieces of equipment. I must have had something pressing to do, as I am quite sure I would have gladly been out there helping with that job.

Heck, even the grass is taking a vacation. I haven't had to mow that since I don't know when. I did do a little weed whipping earlier this week, but that only takes a few hours of my time. There are a ton of buildings around here. According to Steve, I missed a few areas.

I'll give him "missed a few areas."

Wednesday, Steve and I spent some quality time at the chiropractor. Steve was getting adjusted in one room and me in another. I could hear Steve and the doc talking in the adjacent room, but I was unable to discern what was being said. I am sure it was about me!

Then Steve took me on a romantic date to Running's. Hey, I am not complaining. I love Running's. I could find a little of everything there. Steve ventured over to the nuts and bolts. I wandered over to find Duck Tape, fly bomb and a circular light bulb. (Steve is so excited to have light in the laundry room again. I told you life is dull around here. Light bulbs give us pleasure?)

If you thought women take a long time shopping, you spend a few minutes hunting down nuts and bolts with Steve. He had a list a mile long of all the nuts and bolts we needed to fill our bins here at home.

"This is going to make me chip my manicure," I said somewhat sarcastically.

"Well then don't get manicures," Steve stated seriously.

What? How can he say that? My nails have never looked better. Actually, acrylic nails last 10 times longer than my own and don't chip or break when I milk the cows. And fake fingernails also hide the horrible nail on the thumb that I smashed earlier this summer. It's all gnarly and bumpy and yucky.

I am spending a few of my days preparing myself for my next hiking trip up the Superior Hiking Trail. I couldn't be more excited. It's been years since I have been on an extended trip without the family and this give me plenty of time to be alone.

I leave Sunday!

I am so ready to go. I just have to find my hiking poles and knee braces and I will be as able as Lewis and Clark, sans the compass, canoe and leather clothing.

Look out North Shore, here I come. I am so excited to be getting away from the family. I mean, I love them, but sometimes it's good to get away. One of the reasons I think I enjoy getting far from home is my topic for next week. You will have to read it.

So for now, this week's column is rather short because my life is rather humdrum and Steve really has been a good boy and has not messed anything up.

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