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Horse apples

May 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

My grandchildren from the Twin Cities were filled with excitement when we told them that there was a horse in the neighborhood.

"Can we go see it, Grandpa?" they said. So we walked a few blocks over to Payne Street, and Chammy, the horse, did not disappoint them. He saw them coming and walked to the fence to greet them. He allowed them to pet him. They were thrilled.

If someone has kept horses in the city since 1946, I think there exists a clear case for a variance that "grandfathers" the current setup. It is hard to believe that people buying houses in the neighborhood did not realize that this wonderful horse would be their neighbor.

New Ulm generally values history. We are not so far removed from the days when horses performed many tasks. When I grew up in Milwaukee, horses picked up the ashes, delivered the milk, and pulled wagons for the ragman all within the city. The result was what Mom called "horse apples" in the alley. These were quickly picked up by neighbors to put into their gardens. Let's not allow our lives to become so removed from nature that the very mild smell of "horse apples" can be made an issue. The action of the city to evict the horse after all these years, if carried out, will smell more. What next, if we continue with a program of retro-actions.

I want the horse to stay.

Paul Boehlke

New Ulm



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