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Keep the horse

June 1, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I was appalled when I picked up The Journal Thursday, May 24th to read that New Ulm, the city beautiful, plans to evict a horse who has been living for decades on South Payne Street, and probably longer than a lot of other people and longer than the ones who are objecting to his being there.

The heartbreaking point is the horse has done no wrong other than the natural act which keeps him alive.

His master Dr. HIntz is a wonderful person and will be heartbroken to have to part with his horse.

I am almost 90 years old and have grown up on a farm where horse power was all one had to farm with. I loved horses, all ten of the ones my dad had, all my life, as did my children who had riding horses.

I think the horse who has given so much joy to so many people, especially children, should be left to live out his days with his master and not be separated and die of a broken heart!

Also, I think the city of New Ulm would have enough other areas they could pay attention to that would be more important than a horse who bothers no one and bring so much joy to so many people.

As long as the horse is contained on Dr. Hintz's property and the manure is being taken care of periodically, I can see no reason that the horse cannot finish out his life with his devoted master in a place he has lived all of his life.

Where does freedom begin or end? Hopefully, the horse can remain with Dr. HIntz.

Katherine Gluth

New Ulm



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