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Let Senate Republicans pay their own legal bill

June 21, 2012
The Journal

He hasn't even filed a lawsuit yet, but Michael Brodkorb, the former Senate Republican Caucus senior communication aide fired for his affair with then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, has cost Senate Republicans nearly $85,000 in legal fees.

Brodkorb is planning to file a federal gender discrimination lawsuit, claiming he was treated differently from female Senate employees who had affairs with legislators and got to keep their jobs. His attorneys have also threatened lawsuits for defamation and invasion of privacy against several senators.

Chances are taxpayers are going to wind up paying this bill, and that is an injustice.

This is an internal employment issue involving the Republican caucus. This has little to do with creating and passing legislation for the public's beneift. Brodkorb was basically a political strategist and spin doctor whose job was to make the Republicans look good and the DFL look bad. The Republican Party should be footing the bill for the caucus' defense.

Of course, the Republicans have had trouble paying the rent on their state headquarters and paying for their recent recount challenges. They probably don't have the money for the legal fees, either.

If they are really concerned with protecting the taxpayers, the Republicans should pay their own legal bills.



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