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Supreme Court won’t settle health care issue

June 28, 2012
The Journal

The Supreme Court is expected to hand down its decision today on the Health Care Reform Act, or "Obamacare." It may the act unconstitutional. It may toss some of the provisions, especially the mandated insurance coverage provision. It may decide the federal government has the right to do what it did.

Regardless, the Supreme Court's decision will not be the end of the argument over this unpopular and ungainly law.

If the law or portions of it are declared unconstitutional, count on President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress to start working on another government health plan. Count on Republicans to work to repeal the law if it stands, or dismantle what is left if portions are found unconstitutional.

If only part of the law is upheld, it would probably be best to repeal the rest. It is a bad law as it is, and would be unworkable with significant portions missing. Insurance companies who are required to cover everyone without considering pre-existing conditions, for example, are counting on the extra revenue from the universal mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance. That mandate is the key to the constutional challenges.

We wouldn't want to drive over a bridge that had a few bolts and girders missing. And we wouldn't want to be governed by a health care law with several significant passages missing.

Today's Supreme Court decision will be just the start of the new debate.



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