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Oh, Happy Day!

July 1, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

There has always been a small percentage of the population in any society that doesn't mind being highly dishonest in its dealings -with the rest of the population. We NEED our government by the people to protect us from scoundrels. Some of us have personally benefited from well-developed health care systems in other countries where we worked or traveled. And we paid into those systems, of course-nothing is free. If you happen to be well-off, "concierge care" is also available to those who can pay.

We the people of the U.S. CAN afford health care for all if we insist that our political leaders give up violating the sovereignty of other nations on this globe. What are the hundreds of billions needed to promote health for all Americans compared with the greater hundreds of billions we have been spending in military (mis)adventures abroad?

Having been a teacher abroad for decades, I have to conclude that priority number one is to have a healthy and drug-free population if we are to compete with such emerging giants as India and China. On the way to becoming competitive again, there is much to be learned from the "old countries," some of which have darned good health care systems. Isn't gleaning and adapting the best ideas from the "old countries" what helped make America great in the first place??

"Obamacare" is not perfect - I want a simpler, single-payer system, but it is a step in the direction of becoming a more civilized society. Reading/listening to/watching the news each day, can we really believe that we are already civilized? We will be able to worship our God in this more humane social environment, provided we have the guts that this has always required. That option has always been available in every society.

Shirley Iverson

New Ulm



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