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New Ulm needs new form of government

July 11, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

My question for the citizens of New Ulm is this: Is it time to change our form of government in the City of New Ulm? That's right, I said is it time to get rid of our City Council and this will also put an end to the need of a City Attorney, and I think it would also include our City Manager's position.

I did run for Councilor At Large last election this is true and this is NOT a sour grapes letter because I didn't win, it's because the people who are in charge of our once fair city are very poor at heart and aren't looking out for the citizens of New Ulm quality of life and the good will of the city as a whole.

I have been checking into this for the last 5-6 years and it is possible, but it first will start with selecting what type of government and then by petition of the people legally counted by an outside source get it brought up in say four years on the next presidential election ballot. This is according to the legal professionals I talk to. I, myself, would like to have our Brown County Commissioners run New Ulm and the County Attorney to handle things here, a much better way than what we have now and saving "we the people" the much embarrassment.

New Ulm, in my views, is known for because of it's Council and City Attorney's actions, can you say the wind generators in Nicollet County or the Johnson Collection and in the way they treat citizens at council meetings, business owners and the treatment, in my views, new business owners who would like to move to New Ulm but decide not to due to demands of the Council and City Manager. Councilors, the way you have treated Mr. Danielson since he bought George's Ballroom is a travesty and the reason he doesn't sue you for your actions is only a plus on his side, can you say Freedom of Speech? We, as a city, had this problem before with a previous Council with their closed meetings. Is that what's happening again? Can you say open meeting law?

Now let's bring up your Animal Ordinance because of someone's hatred for his neighbor, plain and simple, in my views. If New Ulm prohibits large pets and with the way marriage laws are changing, what's to stop someone from saying they're married to a large farm animal and claiming it to be his or her spouse to circumvent your City Ordinance, what then? New Ulm has much bigger issues to worry about than animals or the length of your grass or sidewalks. What about the Johnson Collection? What about land pollution at the old landfill site behind the trap range or the land/water pollution caused by the city dumping coal cinders on 3rd North behind the elevator and pumphouse road in the past? Our city water wells are across the river.

New Ulm has many pressing issues that our City's Officials don't want to look into, so due to lack of actions let's forget about them and soon Rick Howk will be gone and everyone will forget where things are buried (except for my maps). Please, Commissioners, take control of our fair City because the last thing on my bucket list of life is to have New Ulm prosper for our children's children. God Bless America and hopefully the Brown County Commissioners!

Ricky Howk

New Ulm



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