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Why do councilors deserve raise?

July 12, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

As you may have heard by now the city council approved a pay raise for themselves. Now before I start I know that they all have to deal with the public and they all have other jobs and at some point it may be a thankless job. As it was said at the meeting Mr Schmit said he thinks these pay raises are to comparable to cities like Fairmont, North Mankato, etc. Well these raises puts us more like the Twin Cities and Minneapolis which the city of New Ulm is not.

Here is why I think this. I took a total of all the minutes from 2011, this included board equalization meeting, budget meeting and adjourned budget meeting. All total 28 meetings. Out of all the meetings there were 1,418 total minutes or 23.63 hours on meeting on May 15 I didn't get the time for but it probably ran the average of 30 minutes like the rest.

Here is why I and every other taxpayer in the city of New Ulm should be upset. If you take $10,500 and divide that by 23.63 you get $444.35 per hour is what our mayor will get and each one of our council members will receive $338.55 per hour. Now I know it may involve a little more time than that but I think that is just stupid.

I am asking every taxpayer to call up your mayor and council members and have them explain to you why they deserve this type of salary when the city is not doing that good financially. Before I go I am just telling everyone that these jobs have openings once in a while and if your looking for a part-time job that pays $338.55 to $444.35 a hour please run for council in the city of New Ulm. I would but they don't pay enough.

Burton Flitter

New Ulm



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