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Probation, Parole & Community Supervision Week

July 20, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

During the week of July 15-21st, 2012, people across the United States and Canada will join together to recognize the work that probation, parole and community supervision professionals do for public safety.

Since 1841, the practice of probation and parole has played a vital role in our justice systems. These professionals are a critical part of the public safety system. They are a force for positive change. Today in America, there are over 5 million adults and adolescents on some form community supervision. This supervision may take the form of home/office visits, drug testing and assisting with referrals to education or counseling services. Many officers also supervise offenders using electronic monitoring equipment which requires expert knowledge of a wide variety of newer technologies.

Our local probation department has committed and hard working professionals. Along with the offenders, we work closely with law enforcement, prosecution/defense, family services, treatment/education providers and the court to not only hold offenders accountable, but to provide evidence based rehabilitative programming whenever possible. The utilization of Adult/Juvenile Work Crews, Cognitive Classes, DWI Impact Panels, Intensive Programming, Drug/Teen Courts, Mediation, Pretrial and General Crime Victim Assistance all work together well to reduce crime and assist victims in our local communities. These programs truly show that when you match the offender with the right program(s), we can and do reduce offender recidivism.

Members of our community are encouraged to join together during Probation, Parole & Community Supervision Week to recognize those are dedicated to make our communities a safer place to live.

Les P. Schultz


Brown County

Probation Department



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