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Astronomical national debt

September 6, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

The United States Treasury Department reported Tuesday that our national debt had topped $16 trillion.

That's an astronomical number, the size of which is hard to grasp for most people. So in honor of the recent passing of Neil Armstrong, lets use the moon to help us comprehend this ginormous number.

If we could take one dollar bills, at the rate of $100 per inch, and stack them to reach a total of $16 trillion, that stack would be 2,525,252 miles long. The average distance from earth to the moon is 238,855 miles. In other words, that $16 trillion stack of one dollar bills would stretch to the moon and back to earth more than five times! At the velocity that Neil Armstrong's crew flew in the huge Saturn V rocket, it would have taken them 33 days to go that far!

Will our great-grandchildren ever be able to repay our $16 trillion debt?

Election time is coming soon, vote accordingly!

Jamie Milbrett

New Ulm



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