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Silver-tongued Clinton

September 7, 2012
The Journal

There can be no denial that Bill Clinton is a silver-tongued orator. His nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday was a tour de force, pushing delegates into a gleeful frenzy. He said Obama put a halt to the economic slide, and has created the basis for a "new economy" that is set to take off and create millions of new jobs.

Sounds a little like the Hoover-era chant that "prosperity is just around the corner."

Clinton sounded several familiar themes. He blamed the country's economic doldrums on the previous administration. We don't know how long that excuse is going to hold up.

He blamed the political gridlock in Washington on the recalcitrant Republicans, who think "government is always the enemy, they're always right, and compromise is weakness." He ignored the recalcitrance of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and of Barack Obama himself and his unilateral actions on things like immigration policy and welfare policy.

Clinton rightly said that no president could have fixed the economic messes that Obama inherited in four years. That's true. But Obama said he would, that he would halve the federal deficit of $10 trillion by now. Instead it just crested $16 trillion in the past week.

It was a great speech, great entertainment, and classic Clinton. But the Obama record will continue to be examined and found wanting in the next few weeks of the presidential campaign.



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