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‘Yes’ yard signs are hurtful

September 8, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

In regards to all of the "vote yes" yard signs in our town - You may think by putting a sign in your yard that you are just voicing your opinion, to which you are entitled, and are only commenting on a literary definition of what marriage is or should be. Let me tell you what these signs really say.

They say, "I don't think you are a whole person," "I don't value you as much as people like me," "You are not welcome in my town," "I don't accept you," "There is something wrong with you," etc. Is this what you want your front yard to say?

There are citizens of our town who drive these streets every day. What do you think it does to their hearts (and their children's hearts) to see messages like that directed at them? What would it do to yours? These are not just political signs. These are hurtful, personal objections to some of your fellow New Ulm residents.

Do you have the RIGHT to have these signs posted? Absolutely. SHOULD you have these signs posted? Only if you are OK with hurting others. Whether you vote yes or no on Nov. 6 is between you and your conscience. Please keep the visible hurt out of your yards.

Wendi Ringhofer

New Ulm



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