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Don’t expect privacy in today’s world

September 20, 2012
The Journal

Two seemingly unrelated events in the news recently teach one important lesson - if you are in the public eye, there's no such thing as privacy anymore.

Great Britain's Princess Kate and Prince William thought they were in private at a French chateau recently, and Kate decided to do a little topless sunbathing. But photographers a kilometer away with telescopic lenses managed to snap photos which have been popping up in tabloids and magazines across Europe, much to the royal family's chagrin.

In a seemingly unrelated event, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, speaking at what he thought was a private meeting with Republican supporters, was secretly videotaped making his now famous statement about 47 percent of Americans "thinking they are vicitms" and expecting the government to support them. The videotape, made public by Mother Jones Magazine this week, has been another stumbling block in his campaign.

The lesson is, of course, if you are a public figure, never expect that what you say or do is in private. With modern technology, someone could be watching and recording. In a world where the public craves the latest bits of gossip on celebrities, and where political campaigns are based on embarassing one's opponent more than building up one's own candidate, anything you say or do could be tomorrow's latest Internet craze.



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