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What do we want from Congress? Leadership

September 25, 2012
The Journal

An Associated Press report from Washington on Monday indicated that "a frustrated Congress" headed home Saturday, after another non-productive session, "with at least one hope - that the stark choice in the election ahead will give lawmakers clarity about what Americans want from their government."

We have a feeling members of Congress looking for guidance in this election will get more of the same confusion of the past.

What do voters want? Depending on who you ask, they want less government and more services. They want Congress to cut the federal deficit, and lower their taxes. They want the government to take care of their problems, but quit coddling other people. They want government to preserve the ecology and step up domestic oil drilling...

Is that enough clarity for you?

What people really want is members of Congress who can go to Washington and take care of business. That means passing budgets - we don't know how many years the government has been run on continuing resolutions. Once again Congress left Washington on Saturday after passing a bill to keep the government running another six months without passing any of the spending bills it is supposed to pass by Oct. 1.

Most of all, people want leadership in Washington. They want people representing them who have the vision to see a way out of our problems, and the political savvy to work out the necessary legislation (and being politically savvy means more than knowing how to get re-elected). They want people who can show us the direction forward, instead of coming home and asking what we want of them.



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