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Workplace violence

October 2, 2012
The Journal

The tragic workplace shootings at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis last week highlight the difficulty in trying to anticipate such violence.

Andrew Endlinger shot and killed five people, then killed himself, after being fired from his job on Sept. 27. He was apparently a troubled individual, so much so that his family was trying to get him to seek mental health counseling. His work had suffered, and he had been counseled at work and warned that his job performance must improve.

Experts say there are often signals and warning signs that precede this kind of attack, but there are thousands and thousands of similar troubled, angry people who lose their jobs who don't pull guns and kill people.

There are many, many questions that must be asked after this attack, but there are not likely to be answers for the big question - is there a way to anticipate this kind of reaction, and head it off?



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