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More on marriage

October 12, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

This is in response to Jarrod Wiggins' criticisms of my letter detailing how changing the definition of marriage would harm children.

Regnerus's study about the effect of homosexual parenting on children looked at all types of households with one or more gay parents, not just broken homes as Wiggins contends. When criticized for not comparing married, biological parents exclusively to two "married" homosexual parents, Regnerus explained that there are not enough such households to provide random data for his study. In other words, the study could not have been scientific.

This is one of the many problems with earlier studies that Wiggins says "show no difference between children raised in same-sex households and heterosexual households" - the sample sizes are too small and not random. Although supporters of same-sex marriage continue to say his study was flawed, Regenrus has been vindicated. The University of Texas examined claims that his study was unscientific and biased and found them to be baseless. The study was published in a respected, peer-reviewed journal. An interior audit by the journal came up with only one substantial criticism - that a conservative think-tank funded the study. But Regnerus had previously approached left-leaning institutions, and they were not interested in providing funding, and the eventual funder had no say in the way the study was conducted. I see no evidence that the study's findings were false.

Wiggins also took offense at my statement that many children raised by homosexual parents would have to face the burden of being treated as a commodity. I neither stated nor implied that it was homosexuality itself which would create this problem. Rather, I referred to the fact that many homosexual couples use artificial insemination or surrogate motherhood as a means of having children biologically related to one partner. When an adult's sperm or egg is purchased or womb rented to procure offspring, this is treating children as a commodity.

Not surprisingly, the children often feel a grave injustice has been done them. Thousands of them have spoken out, forming support groups, and seeking the right to know who their biological parents were. This problem, of course, is not exclusive to homosexual relationships. But same-sex partners are much more likely to resort to surrogate motherhood and the like, since they cannot become parents without another person's involvement. This only compounds the other serious obstacles to success that children of same-sex partners face.

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Connie Rossini

New Ulm



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