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Marriage not just for procreation

October 16, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I am a 30-year-old college student who is a straight single mother.

I've read numerous letters to the editor stating that marriage is meant for family, and that its main purpose is to perpetuate the human species. If marriage is simply for procreation, then all engaged couples should be forced to take fertility tests; if it's found out they aren't fertile, they shouldn't be allowed to marry. A 65-year-old widow who has found love again after losing her husband, should be prohibited as well. In fact, why would the infertile or elderly want to marry? They can't procreate, so why would they want to?

The answer is because marriage isn't simply about procreation. Marriage is the union of two consenting people, and should be based on one thing: love. People who think marriage is only for procreating, I feel sorrow for. Because you lack love. If my only purpose in life is to have babies, then I'm simply breeding stock and nothing more.

Also, if we are going to live our lives strictly like the Bible, then slavery, polygamy, and getting married to a 14 year old against her will would be OK. Women then should be completely subservient to their husbands, some of whom are abusive. If you disobey your husband, let's take you out in the streets and the whole town can throw rocks at you until your death.

The reality is that the Bible was written in a different era with different morals and different beliefs. We need to modify things to accommodate the future.

This is one of our main problems in this world. While we all view each other as different, what we are forgetting is that regardless of one's sexuality we are all of the human race. The gay couple you are fighting against - they are people. They have feelings. Denying them certain rights others are entitled to is like racism.

Finally, many conservative Christians bring up "The Bible" and "the will of God." We talking Old Testament or New? Because I was taught God shows NO partiality. Everyone who brings his or her need to Jesus is received with equal honor as a child and an heir of Christ. Do you really think that your higher power will be that severely agitated because two gay men or a lesbian couple join in a healthy, consenting and loving marriage? Will he smite us? Don't you think God maybe - just maybe - has other matters which are a bit more offensive to him? We have murder, rape, child molestation, global warming, suffering, the loss of nature's biodiversity, and slavery occurring in this world RIGHT NOW. These are the issues we should be focusing on. The Catholic Church has undoubtedly spent a great deal of money sending out these letters asking their parishioners' to Vote Yes. Wouldn't Jesus appreciate helping an orphanage, protecting the environment, or frankly ALMOST ANYTHING over belittling your fellow man? Nowhere does Jesus preach hate, intolerance, or loathing.

Tara Kokesch




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