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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

October 20, 2012
The Journal

Kids' needs come 1st

THUMBS DOWN: Another iconic organization has been added to the list of those that seem to have covered up the sexual abuse of children in order to protect the good name and integrity of the organization. The Boy Scouts of America, an organization dedicated to supporting and building character in youth, has been forced to open the files it has kept secret for many years detailing reports of abuse. In many cases, other officials, from police to pastors to prosecutors, have shielded the accused to protect the reputation of the organization.

It just doesn't work that way. As other organizations have learned, trying to keep it quiet makes the group complicit.

This report does not make Boy Scouts an evil organization - on the contrary, it has done immeasurable good for countless boys. But the organization, if it is to live up to its own standards, cannot tolerate or cover up the evil actions of a few of its members.

This is a sad chapter for scouting, but one that we're sure it will overcome, as long as it puts the needs and safety of its scouts ahead of the organization itself.

10,000 dried-up lakes?

THUNBS DOWN: How bad is the drought this year? So bad that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking state residents to cut back on their water use. Minnesota is noted for its lakes, streams and rivers, so when the DNR issues a statewide notice, you know it is serious.

One only has to go down by the Minnesota River and Cottonwood River in New Ulm to see what state officials mean.

We're sure people will comply with the request, and we also anticipate that the dry spell will pass soon enough.

Going to the dogs

THUMBS UP: WThe New Ulm City Council on Tuesday approved putting a dog park in South German Park, an underused, undeveloped park area near German Street and Third South.

It's a good use for the park, and the local group of dog owners that is requesting the park will be paying most of the cost of fencing and other facilities needed.

It's a good partnership, and a win-win situation for the city and dog-owenrs alike.



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