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Don’t redefine marriage

October 26, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

One can see that strong families, with father and mother together in a loving home, are the foundation of a stable society. We can look around us to see what happens when the family is broken we can simply look in our schools.

Redefining marriage, and the resulting legal redefinition of many aspects of society, will turn families (and religious freedom) upside down. It already has in many countries, and has begun in some of our states as well.

It is not true to state that nothing will change about marriage in Minnesota if the amendment is defeated. If the amendment fails, marriage will quickly be redefined through the courts, possibly by early 2013, with a multitude of new "requirements." And the erosion of family rights and religious freedom will begin.

All major cultures and religions of the world have always upheld traditional marriage as the ideal for society. Some say that we now live in a changing, and enlightened society, and so we can redefine the meaning of what Jesus taught about being male and female, and the importance of marriage (Mark 10:2-11). Once we have done that, we probably also need to redefine his statement, "My words shall not pass away"

It is important for everyone to realize that while casting your ballot in this election, if you DO NOT vote on the Marriage Amendment question, your ballet is counted as voting NO. Have courage and take a stand for true marriage - vote YES!

Bernadette Berger




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