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Why treat gays as less than human?

October 27, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Everyone is so wrapped up in the issue of gay marriage and arguing their own beliefs when these are real people's happiness and lives on the line.

I am not gay, I am happily married but we have several gay members in both sides of our families and gay friends also. Many of them have been with their partners for at least 25 years and have a more solid relationship than most marriages I've seen. To me it is very sad that they can not make their relationship "legal" for purposes of commitment, health insurance, having legal say in cases of emergency situations and important decisions to be made, etc. like they should be able to.

Why are they treated less than human? Same reason every other group in history has been judged, blacks, Jews, etc. because there are always certain humans that believe they are godlike and have a misbelief that they can decide on who gets rights and who doesn't. Just who do you think you are and whoever led you to believe that you are so special that you decide another human's fate?

In such a messed up world I am happy to see any couple truly in love and respecting and caring for each other. I would hope that is what you would want for your kids and grandkids also, or will you treat them like dirt if they are gay? It's just sad and messed up !!

And I would be very curious to know if all the people using bible quotes to falsely think they have this right, if they never had sex before marriage or if they use birth control. I grew up Catholic with religious grandparents who believed you had has many kids as God sent you, I do not see large families like that anymore, so are you a hypocrite or are you using only "selective" messages from the Bible that fit your needs? There is only one God, and it's not you, so stop trying to think you can do his job.

It is very sad that in the year 2012 that any group has to still be treated unfairly. When will people grow up and realize EVERYONE IS EQUAL? You only get one life to live and it's unfortunate that it has to be such a fight to have happiness and fairness in that life because of people who think that their life is more important than others.

Lori Wengert

New Ulm



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